Casinos have never ceased to be entertaining. Even before the existence of MrBet and other online brands, players were thrilled whenever they engaged in casino gaming. It has also influenced some television series, which you will find interesting. From exciting storylines to thrilling screenplay, casino-themed series bring extra thrills for punters.

With quite many TV shows out there centered around gambling, we’ve examined this rising trend in the entertainment sector and paid specific attention to the factors responsible for it. After exploring the Internet and finding some intriguing shows, we chose to share them with you. Find all these and more in this article!

The Rising Trends of Casino TV Shows

Although casinos have existed for many decades, the trends in movies only became popular about two decades ago. The rise of shows like “The House” and “Casino Royale” has kept viewers engaged. Their thrilling storylines and exciting plot twists, coupled with apt acting, have added extra enjoyment to gaming enthusiasts.

Casino-themed TV series also have universal appeal, which has contributed to its popularity. There is something for everyone, regardless of what they love in movies. With access to streaming services, viewing these series has become easier.

Factors for the Rise in the Trend

The rising trends didn’t just appear from thin air. It can be attributed to some factors. Here are the main factors behind the growth:

  • Increasing Viewer Demand: Some projects relating to gambling games have been successful in the past. This successfully whet the appetite of many towards seeing such a series. In such a way, the demand for such shows has increased, and as many keep searching for them, the rise in trend is bound to happen. TV show- and moviemakers are gradually falling under pressure to deliver such projects;
  • Growing Technological Impact: Technological advancements and innovations are contributors to increasing trends in the filmmaking industry as platforms for streaming become more accessible with different types. Tech has contributed to the rise in this genre of movies. The comfort, quality visuals, and sounds from these platforms increase the film’s enjoyability;
  • Expanding Gambling Industry: The increasing development in the gambling industry also helps promote themed movies. The sector hit $231 billion in 2021, and it is not showing any sign of slowing down. Some players now seek to watch casino-related movies in their leisure. While it is purely for entertainment, some believe they can learn one or more strategies from the shows.

Common Casino-Themed Series

This section of our post discusses the available TV shows with a gambling background that you can enjoy. Check them out below!


This is an American heist series that started in 1960, and it mixes heist with gambling. After the first release, three others were released between 2001 and 2007. If you want to get a grasp of the show, check out the pointers below:

  • Ocean Eleven, released in 2001, focuses on the plans to rob the Las Vegas Casino. The Boss, Danny Ocean, attempted to get his wife back from the casino owner. He hired ten others to plan and carry out the US$160 million heist.
  • Ocean’s Twelve, released in 2004, sees the casino owner blackmail the crew to pay him $198 million. It resulted in 3 other heists in Europe.
  • The concluding part of the trilogy, Ocean’s Thirteen, focuses on causing huge losses for a new owner. This is because he threatens to ruin one of the gang member’s life.
  • The last, Ocean’s 8, was released in 2018 and features all female characters.

Breaking Vegas

This is another show you should watch if you love playing on online gambling platforms or visiting land-based venues. It has 13 episodes, which are based on true life stories, and it spanned between 2004 and 2006. Some episodes show how people make illegal money in casinos, while others show genuine techniques.

Aside from poker – a genuine casino classic, some other games like craps and roulette are also showcased in the series. Players can learn strategies like card counting, trying craps at certain angles, and taking advantage of worn-out balls in roulette. This series promises players thrills and excitement.

Las Vegas

This is another gambling-themed show shown on NBC between 2003 and 2008. It focuses on normal gambling world activities in a Sin City resort. The high stakes, drama, security, and restaurant management, amongst others, promise a thrilling screenplay.

The film has 106 episodes spread over five seasons, focusing on a fictional hotel and casino, Montecito. At the center of the shows is the president of Montecito, Ed Deline, who was a former CIA officer. The focus later shifted to Danny McCoy, who later succeeded Ed. The drama has an engaging storyline mixed with daily casino life.

Anticipate the Bright Future of Casino-Themed TV Series!

As the online gambling sector has kept booming in recent years, the casino TV series trends appear to have a bright future. We consider that cinematography hasn’t used all the potential the industry possesses in terms of casino representation. So, players should definitely anticipate more. The rise in casinos will increase demands for movies centered around gambling topic