Do you find yourself asking these questions or saying these things?

“I want to be a model but don’t know how to be one.”

“I am new to Chicago, how do I find the best modeling agency for me?”

“There are so many modeling agencies, and I don’t know which one is the best for me?”

Fret not, This article showcases the top eight modeling agencies in Chicago, celebrated for their dedication to nurturing and promoting modeling talent.

Chicago is a lively center in the Midwest, perfectly situated as a link between European high fashion and the varied American commercial scene. The city is renowned for its dynamic fashion industry, offering models ample opportunities to excel in both high-fashion and commercial settings.

Modeling agencies in Chicago play a vital role. They don’t just book jobs; they provide models with guidance, career management, and development opportunities.

As the fashion world embraces digital media and technology, these agencies are also adapting, making sure their models get noticed on both traditional and digital platforms.

Top 8 Modeling Agencies in Chicago

1. Shirley Hamilton Talent Agency

Shirley Hamilton Talent Agency

Founded in 1962, Shirley Hamilton Talent has been a significant presence in the Chicago talent scene for decades. Top agencies do come with prestige, along with experience.

As one of the city’s oldest and most respected agencies, this agency has a legacy of professionalism and success. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? It represents a wide range of talents in the entertainment and modeling industries, which is good in today’s modeling world.

Types of Models They Work With:

Shirley Hamilton represents a diverse array of talent, including fashion models, commercial models, actors, voice-over artists, and more. Being present in multiple facets of the industry has kept the agency relevant all these decades.

They are known for their inclusive roster, embracing models of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds to mirror the diversity of today’s consumers.

Key Clients and Projects:

With their decades of work and a diverse talent pool, this agency has established long-term partnerships with leading media companies, fashion labels, and commercial advertisers. 

Shirley Hamilton talents have appeared in major advertising campaigns, national TV commercials, print media, and runway shows, demonstrating the agency’s extensive influence and adaptability.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

Shirley Hamilton is committed to nurturing its talents. They offer career guidance, acting workshops, and modeling sessions to help both new and established models hone their skills and enhance their career prospects. The agency expertly prepares models to meet the challenges of both local and national markets and is commended for its proactive approach.

How to Apply:

  • Prospective talents can apply directly through the Shirley Hamilton website. You must fill out an application form, and upload your photographs and resumes there. 
  • The agency also conducts open calls, which are announced on its website and social media platforms, providing opportunities for direct evaluation by its experienced scouts.


2. Ford Models Chicago

Ford Models Chicago

Ford Models was founded in 1946 by Eileen and Jerry Ford in New York. It opened its Chicago branch in the 1970s. 

Since then, it has become one of the most recognized names in the modeling industry. This agency has been a pioneer in developing superstar models. How cool is that? Things like these matter if that is your goal. It also has a long history of success both nationally and internationally.

Types of Models They Work With:

Ford represents high-fashion, commercial, male, female, and child models. Their broad approach allows them to service various client needs, from editorial to commercial work.

Key Clients and Projects:

Ford Models has a prestigious client list. This also matters. Not only do you need to check what the agencies offer you, but also what clientele and projects they work with. 

This agency’s client list includes top fashion magazines, luxury brands, and major advertising campaigns. Their models frequently appear in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and ad campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

Ford provides comprehensive management and has a dedicated development team focused on nurturing new talents. Their training includes catwalk, acting workshops, and media training to equip their models for various aspects of their careers fully.

How to Apply:

  • Prospective models can apply via their website or attend national open-call events
  • Ford is particularly known for its thorough scouting process, which ensures that they find unique talents from all walks of life.

3. BMG Models

BMG Models

BMG Models was founded in the early 1990s. It has grown rapidly to establish itself as a significant force in the competitive Chicago modeling industry. 

With a philosophy centered on integrity and ethical representation, BMG has become a trusted partner for both models and clients alike. Tip: Look for agencies who are trusted by other people in the industry.

Types of Models They Work With:

BMG’s roster includes a wide range of amazing talent, from fashion and runway models to commercial and lifestyle models. They are also known for representing unique and diverse faces that reflect Chicago’s multicultural vibrancy.

Key Clients and Projects:

BMG Models has worked with top brands in both the fashion and commercial sectors, providing talent for editorial shoots, corporate advertising campaigns, and even film and television roles.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

BMG provides personal and professional growth of its models. They offer personalized career planning, skill-building workshops, and direct bookings that help new models gain valuable exposure and experience.

How to Apply:

  • Aspiring talents can submit their applications online through BMG’s official website. The application requires basic personal information, measurements, and professional photos. 
  • They also host open calls in their Chicago office, providing opportunities for direct interaction with their scouting team.


4. Stewart Talent

Stewart Talent

Stewart Talent is a premier boutique agency with a presence in Chicago since the 1980s. They have carved out a niche in the modeling world by combining the capabilities of a larger agency with the personalized care and attention of a boutique. Sometimes it is easy to be lost with big agencies, you have to make sure you are given the care you deserve and need. So, this agency is perfect for that.

Types of Models They Work With:

Stewart Talent represents a broad array of talent across the modeling and entertainment industries, including fashion, commercial, theatrical, and voice-over models.

Key Clients and Projects:

Their diverse client list includes leading names in both high fashion and commercial industries, enabling their models to work in various settings, from magazine covers to major marketing campaigns.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

Stewart Talent strongly emphasizes development and diversification. If you have dreams bigger than modeling, this is great. They encourage their models to explore opportunities in acting and other media to enhance their career longevity and marketability.

How to Apply:

  • Applications can be made online if you are looking for an easy application process.
  • You can also apply through their frequent open-call sessions. Stewart Talent is particularly interested in individuals who show potential for cross-industry versatility.

5. Lily’s Talent Agency

Lily's Talent Agency

Lily’s Talent Agency was established in the late 1980s. It has grown from a small startup to one of the leading names in Chicago’s modeling industry. Imagine the stories they have to tell! The agency prides itself on nurturing new talent and maintaining high ethical standards.

Types of Models They Work With:

Lily’s Talent Agency represents a wide range of models, including fashion, commercial, print, and promotional models, focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Key Clients and Projects:

Lily’s Talent has secured its models spots in everything from national advertising campaigns to local boutique runways, reflecting their strong connections within both the local and national markets.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

The agency provides comprehensive management services, including image consulting, media training, and access to national and international modeling opportunities.

How to Apply:

  • Potential models can apply directly on their website, where they need to provide a detailed portfolio. 
  • Lily’s also holds open calls and talent searches throughout the year, which are announced on their website and social media platforms.


6. 10 MGMT


10 MGMT is a relatively new player in the Chicago modeling scene, founded in the 2010s. Their focus is on redefining personal management by fostering close, personal relationships with both its clients and talent.

Types of Models They Work With:

This agency represents a modern and versatile array of talent, including fashion, lifestyle, and commercial models, as well as influencers and creative artists, reflecting the changing dynamics of the modeling world.

Key Clients and Projects:

10 MGMT works with cutting-edge fashion designers, leading ad agencies, and lifestyle brands, ensuring their models have exposure to various facets of the industry, from digital media campaigns to traditional print and runway shows.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

They are known for their proactive approach to career development, offering strategic guidance, branding expertise, and direct mentorship from seasoned industry professionals.

How to Apply:

  • Prospective models can apply through their website by filling out a form and uploading their portfolio. 
  • 10 MGMT also hosts meet-and-greet events throughout the year to scout new talent.

7. Select Model Management

Select Model Management

Select Model Management, with its origins in London, expanded to Chicago, bringing a global perspective to the local modeling industry. 

Known for its prestigious international connections and high standards, Select has been influential in elevating Chicago’s presence on the global fashion stage.

Types of Models They Work With:

Select specializes in high-fashion and editorial models but also represents commercial and lifestyle models, making it a versatile agency that caters to a broad market. If you haven’t discovered which modeling suits you best, going with a versatile agency is your best bet when starting out.

Key Clients and Projects:

Their models have appeared in major international fashion weeks, high-end editorial campaigns, and advertisements for luxury global brands, showcasing their broad reach and influence.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

Select offers its models international placement opportunities and access to top-tier fashion events, providing a platform for significant career advancements in the global arena.

How to Apply:

  • Aspiring models can apply online, providing detailed personal information and professional photographs. 
  • Select also scouts talent globally, offering opportunities for local models to expand their careers internationally.

8. Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc.

Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc.

Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc. was founded in the mid-1980s. They have since established themselves as a reputable agency in Chicago. 

Grossman & Jack has maintained a strong presence in the market by adapting to industry changes while staying true to its roots in talent representation. Their commitment is to personalized service and integrity, which has allow them to become one of the trusted agencies.

Types of Models They Represent:

Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc. represents a diverse array of talent, including models for fashion, commercial, print, and voice-over work. If you are interested in acting too, then you would love to hear this. This agency also has a significant presence in the acting community, representing theater, film, and television actors.

Key Clients and Projects:

The agency has cultivated relationships with leading advertising agencies, casting directors, and production companies, securing high-profile projects for their talent. This includes television commercials, major brand print campaigns, and voice-over work for both local and national markets.

Development Opportunities for New Models:

Grossman & Jack is dedicated to the growth and development of their talent. They show this by offering access to workshops and seminars that enhance skills and improve marketability. 

The agency focuses on comprehensive career management, helping models and actors navigate the complexities of the industry and optimize their potential for success.

How to Apply:

  • Aspiring models and actors can apply to Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc. by submitting their portfolio and resume through the agency’s official website. 
  • The agency also holds open calls and auditions, which are announced on their website and social media platforms, providing opportunities for direct engagement with new talent.


Chicago’s diverse range of modeling agencies offers something for every type of model, whether they are just starting out or looking to expand their career internationally. With the right agency partnership, models can navigate the industry’s complexities and achieve remarkable success.