The Caribbean offers loads of adventure for couples. Be it a young couple or an elderly couple, the mesmerizing islands and beaches of this place will have you arrested in its glory.

You can explore the stunning resorts here, such as the Hermitage Bay in Antigua, or try delicious foods like Ackee and Saltfish, Jerk Chicken, and Curry goat.  

Of course, the places within the Caribbean, the foodstuffs to try, the things to see are endless. So, here’s a complete compilation to help you navigate smoothly, should you decide to go for a Caribbean honeymoon.

Perfect Time to Visit the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a honeymoon place quite naturally. The temperature there remains pleasant almost all around the year. On average, the temperature tends to fluctuate between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (which gives a range of 23 – 29 degrees Celsius).

Hence, it’s rarely unbearably hot or cold. Even with that, the best months to visit begin from December. You could enjoy the pleasant breezes until April. However, after that, the air may feel a bit more humid than average.

Since this tropical place offers great weather and places to visit, you may find it quite too crowded. But if you seek some peaceful, people-less time in the Caribbean, we’d recommend visiting during the summer month, which lasts throughout June, July, August.  

Now, coming to the places to visit there, here’s a list of our favorites:


Jamaica is amongst the most visited places in the Caribbean. Young couples seem to love the popular feel of this place. And, of course, the accompanying perks of popularity!

Being one of the most famous honeymoon places of the Caribbean, Jamaica is home to several luxurious and all-comfortable resorts, such as the sandal resorts. You could enjoy a sandals honeymoon complemented by the rich and refreshing breeze of Jamaica.

Apart from the usual beach activities, you get a chance to visit the mountains too in Jamaica, such as at the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.


The Bahamas is heaven for island lovers and explorers. There are about 700 islands to explore and practically loads of fun things to do. You could go diving and snorkeling or enjoy detailed boat tours. Or if watersports and exploration doesn’t quite interest you, then you could explore the beaches. There are several private islands to help you have a custom honeymoon. Plus, mesmerizing places like the Queen’s staircase offer good room for exploration.


Antigua is a place for those who love the nightlife. At night, the casinos, bars, fine dining restaurants, and clubs come alive offer plentiful company and fun for energetic couples. During the day, you can enjoy unspoiled nature reserves and the watersports at the sugar-white beach.

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Or perhaps, you could relax at a fabulous spa, which is going to be even more fun if you book a resort, like the Sandals Resorts, wherein you get access to all comforts within your domain (they even provide a Butler of your own!). Other exciting things to do here include visits to the local markets and, of course, a visit to the Belmont State and the Grenada chocolate company located there. You could visit their ever so unique spice plantation for some Grenada cultural insight and some super colorful pictures!


Similar to Antigua, Barbados offers a vibrant nightlife as well. However, this exciting stop at the Caribbean also offers a great learning experience with its generous touches on history. You could explore the plantation houses from the 17th and 18th centuries on its lush green landscape. The watersports are a plus!

St. Lucia

If all couples were to pick a favorite from the Caribbean after Jamaica, we bet they’d pick St. Lucia for its super romantic feels. The white glistening beach coupled with the majesty of the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and the soothing comfort of Marigot Bay truly wins the heart of the masses. Apart from all the usual watersports, St. Lucia also offers a thrilling water park, which gets recognized as the Splash Island Water Park.

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Things to See in the Caribbean

Now, if we were to summarize all the fun things to do in the Caribbean as a couple, then we’d recommend trying all the exotic watersports at all the beaches. Each seems to offer a unique thrill. You could even try horse riding anywhere you go in the Caribbean. It’s both fun and something that’d be accessible to you throughout the Caribbean.

Or, to make the list specific, then try exploring the rich rainforests of St. Lucia and visit the Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica. Perhaps, you could sail in the British Virgin Islands or swim with the Stingrays in the Cayman Islands. You could even watch the whales at Samana Peninsula or the low-flying planes at Maho Beach.

Summing up, the possibilities of adventure are limitless in the Caribbean. The land is truly a heaven for young couples who are all eager and excited to explore the world together. It is safe to suggest it as a mini replication of the whole world tour idea. If you want that kind of thrill on your trip to the Caribbean, visit all the places we listed above one by one (in a row!). For additional fun, we recommend Cuba and ABC islands.