Having a restless few nights? Can’t sleep, and counting sheep doesn’t seem to help?

Well here are my Top 10 Tips for getting 8 hours of sleep each night:


1. Switch all technology off by 9pm! TV, phones, computers – everything!  The electromagnetic waves mess with our pineal gland that is responsible for making the sleep hormone

2. No caffeinated tea after 3pm – only herbal

3. Listen to calming meditation practice/relaxing music before bed

4. Avoid bright lights

5. 20 diaphragm breathes before bed/ deep belly breathing!

6. Drink a cup of warm milk, pinch of salt and cinnamon before bed time. This is am amazing sleep tonic.

7. Enjoy a warm bath with epsom salts. The magnesium in the epsom salts is great for relaxation. The heat also induces sleep!

8. I enjoy a glass of magnesium at night. 500-800mg before bed (your health store can recommend a good brand)

9. Dab lavender oil on temples and pillow

10. I keep a note pad next to my bed incase a thought or a ‘to-do’ thing pops up. I write it down and it relives any anxiety.


Source: JS Health
Instagram: @jshealth