By Brandis Ohlsson

Hot on the tale of the infamous Met Ball comes the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films. It is considered one of the most publicized and prestigious film festivals in all the world, so it’s no surprise that the festivals have recently become the somewhat of a runway for the who’s who – not only of the film and entertainment industry, but those in fashion as well. And more often than not what the stars in attendance are wearing is more of a headline grabber than the films everyone is supposed to be there to see.

Cannes 2015 was the 68th year of the festival and brought with it some fashion fiasco. It’s been reported that some of the event’s ticket holding invitees were turned away from the red carpet due to their choice in footwear. Sneakers, sandals, or crocs, you’re wondering? The answer? Flats. That’s right; women (because obviously the men weren’t expected to be in heels) were turned away because they chose to keep it comfortable. Rumor has it the fashion “offenders” were in no way keeping it casual. They wore fancy, expensive, and in one case, rhinestone flats, but the festival staff wasn’t having it. And it should be noted that some of these women were over 50, i.e.: have probably done their time in heels and deserve some comfortable shoes at this point in much. Not to mention there was nothing noted in the event dress code forbidding flat shoes. Judgmental much? Apparently this year’s Cannes staff moonlights as the fashion police.

Shoe scandal aside, Cannes 2015 was by far one of the prettiest that the festival has seen, with every model on the planet being in attendance this year (or so it seemed). All the gorgeous people flocked to the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc for the Amfar Cinema Against AIDS Gala. Carine Roitfeld, formerly of Vogue Paris and currently of CR Fashion Book cast supermodels such as Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik, and Adriana Lima for her black and white themed runway show where their looks will then be auctioned off to raise money for Amfar’s cause. 2014’s Cannes event raised a staggering $35 million for AIDS research, so this year’s had a lot to live up to.

Another big fashion event at Cannes this year was the launch of Karl Lagerfeld’s book, “Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld.” Glamazon’s in attendance included Lindsey Wixson, Kendall Jenner, and Lily Donaldson to name a few, all in Fendi of course.

And while the fashion set seem to be slowly taking over, well, the world, let’s not forget that Cannes is a film festival, and that means celebrities, and where there are celebrities, there are ridiculous (in a good and bad way) outfit choices. There weren’t a lot that stood out to me, as every other photo you come across of the event this year is of a model.
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