By Margretta Sowah

Candice Huffine, a 31 year old plus size model, has followed suit in IMG’s circle of luxury. IMG’s Curve division includes models Ashley Graham, Chelsea Miller, Danielle Redman, Precious Lee, Tara Lynn and, as I stated in my other article The Big Boys Club, Zach Miko.

Lane Bryant has been at the forefront of modern body inclusivity for plus size models. Her campaigns ‘I’m No Angel’ and ‘Plus is Equal’ ad campaigns sparked a worldwide debate. Is plus-size the REAL size or are we all just trying to maintain unrealistic heights of visual acceptance?  It was Huffine’s editorial feature V magazine’s ‘Curves Ahead’ and her runway debut for designer Sophie Theallet’s fall fashion show.  She also walked in Carina Roitfield’s amfAR Gala show at the Cannes Film Festive.

Previously being signed to MuseNYC, Candice is taking strides in the fight to promote all body types exposure. From 2011 editorial debut to dominating social media now, Huffine was the first plus size model in the 2015 Pirelli calender. The industry is taking notice of these rare beauties, showing you can be bigger and better. The acknowledgment of different figures and features pushes to the wider market, reminding us we are represented.

Candice Huffine
Candice Huffine

IMG representative told, “we are thrilled to have Candice, someone we believe represents the curvy girl in high-fashion […] she really does fit it perfectly.” This is the kind of positive affirmation we need to be hearing from agencies concerning ALL types of models. Not just the super skinny. Not just the plus-size. Not just the Caucasian ones.

Candice, in an interview with Fashionista explains the reasons for changing management. “I’ve always admired and related to IMG’s outlook on the future of fashion. You can tell by their diverse roster of talent and their board that they have the same vision that I do, and that’s something that I was always drawn to, so it’s just a perfect fit. I’m excited to get to work! I just love the possibility that comes with being there.”

Huffine also said, when asked about the future of her career, “I know, it’s really exciting! I’m really proud to be on the board with all those girls. I’m hopeful to have a similar career, I’m excited to see what’s next. The best part of this industry is the uncertainty of what’s next — there’s always an incredible surprise around the corner. I think today is representative of that in this awesome announcement. With all the positive change that’s going on, I know that we’re on the brink of something huge, and that’s what I want for myself. I’m ready to breakout and break through!”

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Isn’t that how the saying goes? A tongue-in-cheek idioms means: nothing is irreversible until the final act is played out. Ranging from sizes 12 and above, the final act is not over for Curvy Models by any stretch of the imagination.Candice Huffine