By Gabby Neal
@gabbyneal__ + @marthewiggers + @alannahwalton + @emmakateboyd + @sophiecrean

It’s fashion week in Australia right now which means that there are a thousand and one models roaming the streets of Sydney at this very moment. Or at least running around like headless chooks racing between shows and fittings and castings and everything in-between. One or the other.


This does also mean that it is the perfect time to hang out with them, make friends, talk to them, and find out exactly how they keep there skin looking so. damn. fine.

I mean come on.

Anyhow, so i caught up with a few of the girls backstage finalising their hair and make-up (co-incidence..i think not) before theBy Johnny show on Tuesday. Clearly as the surroundings suggest; this provided perfect ground to find out the tips and tricks of the trade. Find out what they have to say about beauty and any advice that they can give.

So here are the 15 thing’s i learnt:

1. Always take off your make-up

2. Do not exercise when wearing make up

3. Dry shampoo is your best friend – use it a lot

4. Always carry around red lippy, you never know when you’ll need it

5. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

6. Always carry make-up wipes with you

7. When applying make-up, make sure you match your face and neck

8. Contour your nose

9. Do not wear make-up if you don’t have too

10. Use paw paw on your lips

11. Apply oils to your hair daily

12. When washing your hair, shampoo twice and then conditioner

13. To get super smooth legs when shaving, shave upwards and then downwards.

14. Always brush out your brows

15. Keep hydrated

So there you have it. Straight from the horses models mouth.model tips