By Calynn M Lawrence

The concept of fashion and trend is fluid and location specific. Although they all share a common thread of being memorable, beautiful forms of expression, the style may differ depending on where you go. Ever thought about which cities in the world have the hottest fashion climates? Think no more! This article is going to give you the top three cities in the world with the most festive fashion scenes.


Paris, France is widely known as the fashion capital of the world! This where many of the hottest trends emerge and originate. Not only does Paris host several of the world’s top fashion design academies and modeling agencies, but they have the largest Fashion Week across the globe. Tens of Millions of people every year will empty their pockets in attempt to get merely a nosebleed seat to a Paris Fashion Week  event. Serious, right?

Although Paris is very popular for fashion they also host a number of other ammenities that attract tourists from all over. Known for their overly saturated romanticism, the city has a lovely atmosphere for couples and aspiring singles as well. It makes sense that a large portion of Paris fashion is very feminine and delicate, creating a very sensual aesthetic for the women who wear these items.

paris fashionn
paris fashion


New York City is known to be one of the busiest cities in the world. With the hustle and bustle of many career professionals and the cool scene of many hipster artists, it manifests a very creative and fierce atmosphere. New York is one of the few cities in which being weird and daring to be different makes a bigger statement than following set trends in a fashion magazine!

Home to many of the world’s best urban artists and mucisians, it is looked at as a crown of glory to rock your own personal style in attempt to be bold and bad! Because of this, you will see many people who appear to be outcasts based on their appearance but they are actually members of a common wave where people are encouraged to be truly expressive and let their true colors show. With such an openly embracing fashion climate that encourages ones to strive for strange and creative chaos, no wonder it’s known to be one of the coolest cities around.

newyork newyork fashion
new york fashion


Tokyo, Japan is known as the animation capital of the world. This is home to the globe’s best graphic artists, game designers, animators and illustrators. You may wonder what that has to do with fashion. Well, the correlation between their booming art industry and fashion is very strong! Trends in Tokyo are often very unique and similar to that of cartoons. For instance, wearing a graphic tee with a comic book logo alongside a sturdy blazer and combat boots could be considered business causal! Or even having fire engine red hair with choppy bangs could be accepted in a professional setting! This free flowing atmosphere is what makes Tokyo an awesome place to visit when looking for inspiration!

japanese fashion
tokyo fashion

There you have it! These are your top 3 cities in the world with the hottest fashion climates! Next time you are in search of somewhere to vacation, be sure to keep these in mind.