We all have a love and hate relationship with the winter season. For most of us, colder months mean the holiday season is nearing and the time for us to bond with our loved ones is just around the corner too. It’s also the time when kids and kids at heart will enjoy playing in the snow.

However, the winter season is also a time when we experience so much cold that it’s even hard to get out of bed as the whole house is often freezing cold. But, don’t worry, there are a few ways to endure the cold months – and that is by keeping your feet warm throughout the season. How? Here are some tips.

Wear Socks

Having warm feet is important during winter as it helps with opening up the blood vessels. This allows more efficient blood flow and helps your body to distribute heat. That said, one of the ways to keep your feet warm throughout the season is to wear thick and high-quality socks.

Because winters can be extremely cold even inside your home, a thin pair of socks will not give you enough heat. Should you click here, you’ll see that sock connoisseurs recommend pairs of socks made from either wool, fleece, shealing, IsoWool, or the likes. These socks are thicker and are known to fully protect your feet from the cold.

Keep Feet Dry

Have you ever wondered why your skin feels cold as it dries? This is because when water turns into gas, it needs some heat input. And it steals that heat from the skin. So, as it evaporates, it robs your skin of its heat. And when this happens during winter, it’s not quite a pleasant feeling as you’ll feel colder.

That said, during colder months, try to keep your feet dry as much as possible. If your socks accidentally got wet, change them quickly, so you won’t feel cold.

Wear Slippers

Slippers are there not only to protect our feet from getting accidentally cut or whatnot as we walk. They’re also there to keep our feet warm. This is because your slippers serve as a cushion for your sole that blocks the cold from touching your feet as you walk around on cold surfaces such as your flooring. Additionally, it shields your feet from water splashes and other liquids that could touch your feet and cause them to feel cold.

Also, these days, you can now enjoy heated slippers. Thanks to technology, these rechargeable heated slippers will always keep your feet warm even if you don’t wear socks.

Put Your Feet Up

Warm air goes up and cold air goes down. That said, it is likely that the floor level is the coolest part of your room. Thus, keeping your feet up will probably help keep you warm during winter. Aside from that, the good thing about doing this is that it is also beneficial for your health.

When you put your feet up on a stool or even up the wall, you’re also helping your body to relax and get rid of stress and anxiety as this gives a calming effect on your nervous system. It also helps with lymphatic drainage and high blood pressure.

Stay Active

Cold months make it so hard to get up from the bed. But, don’t give in or you’ll feel colder. Instead, take a walk, do jumping jacks, get running, or do anything that will increase your physical activity and let you stay active as soon as you start to feel the cold creeping into your feet. Doing this will help increase your blood flow. Therefore, your body temperature is boosted.

Another good thing about it is it will give you more energy for the day as moving also helps release happy hormones that are crucial for boosting your mood. Of course, it will also benefit your health over time as being physically active helps the heart to stay healthy too.

Consider Toe Warmers

If you’re planning to go outside, consider toe warmers too. These packets will surely keep your feet warm as you move.

For starters, they contain activated charcoal, iron powder, and vermiculite. When they get in contact with each other as you walk, they create warmth caused by oxidation.

There are countless things to love about winter. However, you’ll only enjoy most of them if you stay warm. One of the ways to do that is by starting with your feet. Always keep it warm, so you’re able to boost your body temperature.

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