By Calynn M. Lawrence

Beauty pageants have been around for centuries now and they are not slowing down anytime soon! Many people question the intentions and values of beauty pageants because they feel it simply teaches young women to be vain and self absorbed. However, that is actually one of the biggest misconception out there! Although they do contain a heavy emphasis on being physically presentable, they instil other traditions and idealogies within participants that are extremely beneficial to them! The question is: Do beauty pageants help make you a better fashion model? And, the answer is YES! This article is going to explain 3easons why it would be beneificial to compete in a beauty pageant when considering modeling!

beauty pagent model



beauty pagent model


This is one of the most controversial components of a beauty pageant, the fact that physical appearance is one of the most important factors. As this may easilyt be percieved as negative because one might interpret that they are judging the winner as actually being more physically attractive, that is not what they are essentially doing. The judges are actually judging the participants on how well presented they are! They have categories for hair, dress and makeup in which they rate how well presented they are. But, this ranking has absolutely nothing to do with the individuals natural features. For example, a participant who is drop dead gorgeous but has terrible presentation would almost certainly lose to someone who was more average but was very well presented! Thus, the principle is to motivate young women to look their absolute best!


By competing in a beauty pageant, you have to jump through a lot of hoops! There is an audition, a casting call, preliminaries and then the actual competition! This is great for participants because it gives them a competitive edge! By getting accustomed to the idea of having to do your absolute best in order to acheive your goals, you are preparing yourself for the very cut throat world of modeling! Fashion is an industry that requires a lot of grinding and ambition so you’d better be ready!


Believe it or not, beauty pageants involve all forms of modeling: commercial, editorial and runway! You are required to do a photo shoot in order to obtain head shots which is known as editorial modeling. This is good practice for those fututre magazine covers! You are required to do a catwalk which is known as runway modeling and is great practice for future fashion shows! Some pageants even require a video audition in which you sell yourself to judges which is considered commercial modeling or self advertisement!

There you have it! If you were skeptical about beauty pageants before, don’t be! They can surely assit you in your process of becoming a successful fashion model!