After getting ready for an event, do you still feel incomplete? There is still something missing in your outfit? The missing factor is a tie clip! 

Tie clips: A small but important accessory!   

Tie clips are more than just a basic clip to place your tie today. Now they have become an essential part of mens fashion. Tie clips add that extra stylish finishing touch to any outfit.     

There are two types of men on this planet: one who wears ties daily and one who only wears a tie only on the blue moon, aka once in a while. 

So you come in whatever category, a tie clip is something that you’ll surely need. Don’t know much about tie clips? Keep on reading. 

We’re going to tell you everything about tie clips. From their types of tie clips to where to put them and more.  

In this post, we will be covering:

  • What is tie clips
  • Types of tie clips
  • When and where to wear tie clips
  • How to wear a tie clip.

So keep reading till the end to know everything about tie clips. 

Let’s begin. 

What is a Tie Clip?

A tie clip, also known as a tie clasp, tie slide, a tie bar, is a clothing accessory used to keep the tie in place.  

A tie clip is a small piece of metal that operates on a hinge and clasp. It securely puts the tie in the shorts placket and ensures that the tie hangs straight. So, if you want a clean and uniform appearance, you should definitely use a tie clip.      

Apart from this, tie clips are also widely used for aesthetic reasons. These days, tie clips are available in various designs and style options. 

Types of Tie Clips

Here are different types of tie clips: 

Tie Tacks

Tie tacks have a pin used to pierce the tie to stay secure in place. Sometimes the back of the tie tacks is attached to a short chain. You can use tie tacks for the ties made from coarser materials, such as wool or cashmere, as they don’t leave a noticeable pinhole.             

Slide Clasp Tie Bars

Tie bars are extremely simple to use as they don’t have any hinge. Made from folded metal, tie bars are usually in a U-shape. They look pretty similar to the standard money clip. You can firmly slide it onto your tie and shirt, and you’re good to go!  

Hinged Tie Clips

Hinged tie clips are quite similar to the clothes peg. These clips have two bars attached by a hinge and the wearer. Wearing these are also quite simple. All you need to do is squeeze one end to open the clip and slightly place it on your tie and shirt, and that’s it! 

Skinny Tie Clips

As their name says, these clips are skinny and modern looking. These minimalistic clips are perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions where you want a simple and smart look.  

Statement Tie Clips

From beautiful pattern clips to colorful and uniquely shaped, you can find these statement clips in every color, size, and design. These statement tie clips are so eye-catching that they can make any outfit look attractive.   

Where to Put on a Tie Clip? 

Now you know what a tie clip is and its types, the next thing you might be wondering is where to put it. Yes, if you want that perfect look, it’s important to know the right placement of the tie clip. 

The wrong position of the tie clip can ruin your entire outfit look. That’s why it shouldn’t be too low or too high. So, where does a tie clip go? Your tie clip always sits in between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt or around the middle of the sternum.    

Here’s the right way to wear tie clips: You should always attach your clip from right to left and place it on your shirt while capturing your tie and shirt placket.    

When to Wear a Tie Clip?

Tie clips are so versatile that you can wear them on different events and occasions. Here’s how you can style tie clips in casual and formal functions; 

Smart Casual

A smart casual look is about wearing jeans with a shirt, tie, and blazer. To add some fun, you can add a tie clip. From statement clips to tie bars, you can choose anything that compliments your outfit and speaks to your style.    


From wedding receptions, fancy dinners to black tie events, you can wear a tie clip to any formal occasion. Go with subtle and elegant tie clips like skinny tie clips. 

So, this is all about tie clips and how to wear them properly. From birthday parties, weddings, to Tuesday meetings and a lunch date, you can rock these tie clips on any occasion. Apart from the design, styles, and types, you can select the tie clip in various materials like gold and silver. Pick the one that suits your outfit and show your style. 

So next time getting ready for any event, don’t forget to wear a tie clip!