By Vaileria Dennis

A wise person once said “Ageing is not youth that has been lost but rather a new stage of life, one which can be characterized by opportunity and strength.” Looking at the fashion icons depicted in Advanced Style, an interesting initiative bearing the name of Ari Seth Cohen, photographer & blogger, it is easy to understand that age is only a number. Thanks to this amazing person, we are able to take a closer look at senior street style, allowing ourselves to be pleasantly impressed with their bold and rather elegant fashion choices.

Senior street style, a glimpse into the world of classic fashion icons

If you follow the latest fashion news, it’s practically impossible to not have heard about Ari Seth Cohen and Advanced Style. Having started as a blog, it is now also a book and soon will be turned into a documentary, presenting a unique glimpse into the world of the older, stylish, fashion icons. His pictures present stylish seniors, people who are classic fashion icons and often those that society tends to overlook.

As you look at the photographs taken by him, it’s quite easy to fall in love with the fabulous looks of older people and how they manage to remain vibrant and stylish, regardless of their age. The photographs truly speak more than one thousand words, having inspired people who work in the fashion industry to include a more diverse age range in their presentations and advertisements. These street style icons come from all around the world, featuring both men and women who have their own defined, fashion style. Now, these people serve as inspiration, not only in regard to the way they dress but also with their perception on life.

advanced style
advanced style

From senior street style to changed perception

If you were to take a look at most fashion magazines and ads in general, it will not take more than a minute to discover they are youth-focused. By presenting more fashionable seniors, Ari Seth Cohen has actually led to a change in perception that fashion fades as we age. Nowadays, young people follow these senior fashion icons, appreciating their style and also the life advice that they have to offer.

When it comes to healthy living tips, it seems that these older individuals have discovered the key. They know that it is important to stay young at heart and follow your fashion sense, no matter what other people might have to say or how they might perceive you. Advanced Style has changed the perception of older people; they’re no longer invisible but rather are appreciated for their colorful and fashionable presence. Young people perceive them as active and vibrant, following the fashion trends that they’ve so easily established.

These senior fashion icons teach us that ageing only brings more possibilities, especially when it comes to a person’s freedom of expression. Instead of fearing the process of ageing, young people are taught to appreciate the years that are going to come (something to look forward to).

The men who have been included in the initiative are dapper and impressive as their fashion choices seem to resemble more of an art form and the women, dressed in colorful garments are serving as a source of inspiration for the younger generation. They’re confident in presenting their own style without fearing that they will be judged. In the end, the main lesson that Advanced Style has to offer is that one should always remain young at heart, using fashion to express himself or herself. As for the actual choice of clothing…the only person you have to impress is yourself.

advanced style
advanced style
advanced style

Exuberance is not only for the young

Senior fashion icons are often exuberant, impressing not only with their fashion choices but also with their words of wisdom. The photos that have been included in the latest edition of Advanced Style are accompanied by a brief statement regarding the photographed person. However, before you read these statements, you will definitely want to spend some time analyzing the unique combinations of colors and patterns. The fashion choices are inventive to say the least, both men and women demonstrating that ageing does not have to be a bad thing but rather a new opportunity for bringing out a person’s best features.

Fashionable seniors are a prime example of creativity and positivity. They demonstrate the art of smart dressing in its most beautiful form, eliminating a lot of clichés and prejudices we commonly associated with ageing. We are also taught that older people are just as valuable as young ones, serving as a source of inspiration at all times. They are not afraid of what other might have to say about their fashion choices, using clothes as means of personal expression. Final advice: never let age become a downside, but rather use it as an advantage, impressing others with both your fashion choices and words of wisdom!advanced style