Summer is finally here, and it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun! Although you know you shouldn’t stay in the sun too long as you risk harming your skin, just admit it— it is tempting. Well, it’s safe to say you are not the only one, as more than 1 in 3 Americans report being sunburnt each year. So, should you fall victim to sunburn, how would you treat it in time to avoid any complications? Below are practical answers to this question.

1. Use aloe vera

An effective means of relieving your pain and treating a sunburn is by applying aloe vera to the affected area. It is also the most easy to find and inexpensive treatment option. The gel within the aloe vera plant contains a substance called aloin which eases discomfort and pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can buy and cut the plant open to apply the sap to the affected area. Or, if time isn’t on your side, you can purchase the gel from the nearest pharmacy.

2. Moisturize

It may seem odd advice, but applying moisturizer to the affected area is a great idea when treating sunburns. When your skin has been burnt, it becomes not only painful but very dry. When this happens, you are at risk of worsening the burn and your pain. It is also important to be mindful of the kind of moisturizer you use to treat your burn. Alcohol-based moisturizers would likely cause more pain and further dry out your skin, making it harder for the burn to heal. Therefore, experts advise that you go for alcohol-free moisturizers and moisturizers that contain vitamin E and aloe vera. You should also consider hydrocortisone creams that treat itching, swelling, and irritation while providing your skin with moisture.

3. Take pain relievers

As you may have noticed, sunburns can be extremely painful. In extreme cases, the burns can create affected areas to inflame, creating blisters, bumps, and swelling. You may also experience nausea, fatigue, fevers, and headache. In that case, taking pain relievers such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen is an effective way of dealing with the pain. If you want a more natural option, consider using CBD products such as tinctures and topical creams to ease the pain. Studies have shown that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent. However, when purchasing CBD products, you must choose a reputable store such as CBDistillery for reliable and effective products at a reasonable price

4. Hydrate


As noted earlier, moisture and hydration are key when treating sunburn. However, applying moisture to your skin is not just important; you must also consume a lot of it. When your skin experiences a sunburn, a significant amount of water is drawn out of it, leaving it dry. By drinking water, you help replace the lost water and avoid dehydration which can cause further health risks. In addition to drinking water, you should also consider eating water-based fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and celery to give your body and skin more hydration.