Stay the fuck out of the sun

The skin is our largest organ, and it protects the body from all kinds of threats. It also regulates our temperature and helps in cell replacement. A person’s skin can be affected by different environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun.

Sunlight provides us with vitamin D, which keeps our bones strong and healthy. It also helps in cell repair and growth, boosts immunity, protects against diseases like rickets, and helps regulate our mood, sleep cycles, blood pressure and pain sensitivity.

Another side of the coin is that sunlight can harm your skin in a variety of ways, including over increasing melanin production, sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer.

Now let’s dive in and explore how to protect skin from the sun in summer naturally.

  1. Slather on sunscreen

Sunscreen is your best friend when trying to protect yourself from sunburn. Relying on sunscreen alone will not be enough, as there are ways to protect your skin without having to apply it every day. However, if you want full protection, then applying sunscreen before going out is necessary.

  1. Use CBD sunscreen

Another way to avoid sunburns and still go out is by using good sunscreen. Sunscreen can help reduce the risk of getting sunburns, but it is not without its risks, as many brands use potentially harmful ingredients for you.

If you want to be safe, we recommend Pure Dharma CBD Product free of these harmful ingredients.  Their Radiant collection features hand & body crème, oil serum, and face crème to heal, soothe and hydrate all skin types to restore your skin and its natural radiance.  Get relief from inflammation, sun damage, and reduce wrinkles and redness.  Simultaneously, the products will support a brighter and balanced skin tone, cell regeneration and deep hydration!

  1. Wear protective clothing

Wearing a T-shirt and long pants can protect your skin from sun exposure. It is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. However, this method isn’t foolproof as you may be exposed to sunlight depending on how thin or short your clothes are.

  1. Stay inside during the day

If you have to go out, avoid going in the middle of the day when ultraviolet radiation is strongest. Instead, go out before sunrise or after sunset when sunlight isn’t so intense.

  1. Use an umbrella or a hat

An umbrella is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sunburns if you have no other way but to go out in the middle of the day. All you need is to get an umbrella or a hat that will block UV rays. You can also wear clothes that have long sleeves and trousers to protect your arms, legs, and torso from exposure.  To make sure that your skin is well protected under the sun you can check this wonderful sun umbrella.

  1. Treat sunburn with CBD

Once you get a sunburn, then it’s time to apply some CBD oil. However, it will be effective if the skin is not severely damaged and has shown signs of healing. You can also use CBD oil for sunburn after tanning as it soothes your skin after possible damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, but it won’t heal any actual damage.

  1. Stay away from open water

When you go for a swim, make sure that it’s not midday. Avoid going swimming when sunlight is at its peak to reduce your exposure to UV rays. The reflection of the sun from the surface of the water will give you a deadly double dose of UV.

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. This is true for protecting your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. You can take a few precautions, such as wearing clothes that cover most parts of your body or applying sunscreen, to keep yourself safe from these negative consequences.