Ahhh… LA! The land of dreams! Every model and actor dreams of making it to LA. That’s where all the action is.

Los Angeles is not only a focal point of the entertainment industry but also a major hub for the fashion world. It hosts some of the best modeling agencies in the business, but obviously, many won’t help your career. It is important to find the best fit for you, not only with their connections and resources but also with the care and attention you and your career goals would get.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles in 2024. These agencies offer a range of services, from high fashion and runway modeling to commercial and print work. I hope this helps guide you in your search for the best modeling agency in Los Angeles.

1. Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management was established in 1972. It is a titan in the global modeling industry. They are celebrated for discovering and nurturing some of the world’s most famous faces. Being discovered is something that models dream of. Agencies like this one who have a track record of doing just that would be a great place to look at.

Elite’s management style is characterized by a strategic approach that focuses on the long-term career trajectory of their models. This is something you will need to plan on to make sure you are taking the right stes now. So, looking for an agency who looks at the big picture is crucial.

They provide rigorous training and development programs to prepare their talent for a variety of markets, ensuring they excel in high fashion, commercial, and digital modeling. Elite’s collaborations with top fashion brands, leading magazines, and influential photographers have secured its position as a leader in the industry. 

The agency’s commitment to professionalism and high standards makes it a prime destination for aspiring models seeking to make a significant impact globally.


2. LA Models

LA Models

LA Models was established in 1985. It is the largest modeling agency on the West Coast and commands a significant presence in the international modeling scene. 

LA Models operates across various branches of the fashion industry, including runway, editorial, commercial, swimwear, and plus-size, showcasing its versatility and broad reach in the industry. 

The agency prides itself on its ability to cater to a diverse range of client needs, facilitated by a robust network of contacts and a deep understanding of the evolving fashion landscape. 

LA Models invests heavily in the development of its models, providing them with access to top-tier photographers, stylists, and casting directors. This is what every model needs, especially when starting out. This holistic approach has enabled LA Models to maintain its status as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the modeling world.

3. Wilhelmina Models


Wilhelmina Models is one of the most highly reputed modeling agencies worldwide, with a legacy that stretches over five decades. It was founded by the legendary model Wilhelmina Cooper in 1967.

Wilhelmina’s Los Angeles branch offers fashion, fitness, and influencer marketing opportunities. The agency is renowned for its strategic marketing initiatives and exceptional client service, which have helped launch and sustain the careers of some of the industry’s most notable faces. 

Wilhelmina also strongly emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, adapting to industry trends while maintaining its prestigious standing. 

They ensure that models receive guidance in personal branding, professional development, and financial management, making Wilhelmina a holistic agency for career modeling.


4. Next Management

Next Management

With a reputation for integrating cutting-edge trends and technology, Next Management offers models a platform that extends beyond traditional modeling into realms like digital influence and multimedia entertainment. 

The agency’s global footprint allows for cross-market opportunities, facilitating international careers for its models. Next’s roster includes diverse talent, from high-fashion icons to emerging new faces. 

The agency provides personalized career paths, emphasizing brand building and digital presence, which are increasingly vital in today’s market. 

With their extensive industry connections, Next Management is ideal for models looking to harness the full potential of their personal and professional capabilities in a rapidly evolving industry.

5. Two Management

Two Management

Two Management, a boutique agency based in Los Angeles, is recognized for its selective approach and intense focus on managing a compact roster of high-fashion and editorial models. 

Founded on the principles of personal attention and customized management, Two prioritizes its models’ long-term success and well-being over the quantity of its signings. This is an amazing approach if you are starting out.

This agency distinguishes itself by fostering close-knit relationships between agents and models, ensuring that each model receives a tailored management plan that aligns with their individual strengths and career aspirations. 

Two Management is also noted for its ethical standards, advocating for the health and mental well-being of its talents, which is increasingly important in the high-pressure environment of modeling. Two Management is an excellent choice for models seeking a family-like agency that offers strong personal support and professional guidance.


6. Ford Models

Ford Models

Ford Models is one of the original pioneers of the modeling industry, having established a formidable legacy since its inception in 1946. 

The Los Angeles office of Ford Models specializes in a broad spectrum of modeling sectors, including fashion, commercial, and film. Ford’s reputation for excellence is backed by its comprehensive support structures and high standards of professionalism. 

The agency’s commitment to nurturing and promoting talent has made it a top choice in the modeling world, ideal for those looking to make a lasting impact in the industry.

7. Photogenics Media

Photogenics Media

Photogenics Media is an agency that thrives at the intersection of fashion and art. Established in the early 2000s, Photogenics has carved a niche for itself by promoting an avant-garde approach to modeling. 

This agency appeals to those who are not only models but also creatives, looking to integrate their artistic pursuits with their modeling careers. Photogenics is known for its progressive scouting and development strategies, emphasizing unique, edgy looks and personalities. 

Their close collaboration with artists, designers, and photographers helps to cultivate a creative ecosystem that is both inspiring and beneficial for their models. For those looking to be part of a vibrant, artistic community, Photogenics Media is the go-to agency.


8. Bella Agency

Established in the early 2000s, Bella Agency quickly rose to prominence by specializing in lifestyle and commercial modeling. Bella caters to a wide demographic, representing models of various ages, sizes, and backgrounds. 

This inclusive approach has made Bella a preferred agency for brands looking for relatable and diverse model profiles for their advertising campaigns. Bella Agency is committed to providing a supportive environment where models can flourish in both traditional and digital media landscapes. 

Their extensive network and strong client relationships facilitate abundant opportunities for their models in print, television, and online platforms. Bella’s nurturing approach and commitment to diversity make it an ideal agency for models aiming to pursue a versatile and sustainable career.

9. Vision Los Angeles

Vision Los Angeles

Vision Los Angeles is renowned for its bespoke approach to model management, focusing on discovering and nurturing distinctive talent. With a commitment to personalized management, Vision ensures that each model receives individual attention and career guidance. 

This agency excels in developing new faces and helping them transition smoothly into professional models. As a newcomer this can be just the thing you need. Vision’s hands-on approach extends to every aspect of the modeling career, including intensive training, portfolio development, and strategic marketing. 

Their expertise in image management and branding allows models to maximize their potential in a competitive market. Vision Los Angeles is an excellent choice for models looking for a thorough and attentive agency to help them navigate the complexities of the modeling industry.


10. Freedom Models

Freedom Models

Focusing primarily on high fashion and editorial work, Freedom Models is committed to promoting sustainable practices and maintaining high moral standards within the industry. 

The agency supports new talents with a holistic management style that encompasses career development, mental health, and physical well-being. Their approach is tailored to foster both the personal and professional growth of their models, ensuring they are prepared for the demands and challenges of the modeling world. 

Freedom Models is an ideal choice for models who value integrity and a supportive, ethical approach to their careers.

11. Brand Model & Talent Agency

Brand Model & Talent Agency

Brand Model & Talent Agency represents a diverse portfolio of models, including different sizes, ethnicities, and ages. Established to meet the evolving demands of the commercial and fashion industries, Brand offers a supportive, family-like environment that fosters confidence and growth among its models. 

The agency is highly regarded for its dedication to providing extensive training and development, enabling models to excel in various media formats, including print, commercials, and digital content. 

Brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity and strong industry connections make it a top choice for models seeking a supportive and dynamic agency.

12. Nomad Management

Nomad Management

Nomad Management is a global agency that prides itself on its personalized and ethical approach to model management. Founded with a vision to offer more respectful, transparent, and passionate representation, Nomad has built a reputation for fostering deep connections with its models and clients alike. 

The agency specializes in identifying and developing high-fashion and commercial talent, providing a supportive environment that encourages models to develop their unique attributes and skills. 

Nomad’s innovative management practices ensure models receive comprehensive support and guidance, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a nurturing and progressive agency.


The modeling agencies listed above are among the best in the city, each offering unique advantages and specialized services tailored to diverse modeling career paths. 

Whether you’re a new face eager to make your mark or an experienced model looking to expand your horizons, these agencies provide the necessary tools, connections, and support to help you succeed.