It’s a really weird thing to have to write a bio for yourself. I had asked and expected it from all my contributors, but didn’t realize what an annoying task it was until I sat down to do my own.

I guess I could start but explaining my involvement in this little project.

It was originally a small idea in my mind, which unfolded so quickly into something bigger than I was capable of, but because of my mild controlling OCD, it meant that I had to construct my creative vision by personally taking on the role of many different titles to make it happen exactly how I wanted it.

So for the past four weeks I have sat here tirelessly watching the New York summer run past me while I sit and type like a maniac non-stop throughout the day working on writing articles, conducting the interviews, connecting with all the models on there involvement, proofing each photo, editing the stories, then as the sun goes down I link up with my web team into the early hours discussing the development, structure and functionality of the site, and then roll into the day with a fresh smile on my face, lugging garment bags into the studios to produce, style and shoot the girls for there editorials, whilst also reaching out to my outside contributors on the topics I want them to write about, and then simultaneously using my left hand to run the social media, proofing the content, editing the photos, creating the videos, teaching myself coding from scratch and planning a massive Fashion Week event with the remainder of my breath for the day. So, there, that’s a little about me and what I have been up to for the past month.

I really do hope it was well worth my energy, because it really was a labor of love.

And if that wasn’t enough to digest, there is a little more about my life prior to this little web baby, which you can read here.

Who Am I?


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