Aussie Perth gal Pavlina Hatzopoulos, at the ripe old age of 18 is a uni student/intern by day and model/serial The Bachelor watcher by night.

An interest in all things fashionable and glamorous began in early stages of life when she would dress up in her mammas clothes and deem herself ready for the catwalk; which is quite fitting as she grew up to be a rather giraffe looking human (in both height and neck length) which as it turns out is great for modeling!

Pavlina’s interned and modeled for top designers and stylists in the West of Oz and is studying a Communications and Law degree, and will now be writing for AMFAM as she navigates through the freakin’ hectic but awesome world of modeling and fashion.

When Pav isn’t doing one of the above she can be found dying in a BodyCombat class, eating an insane amount of Freckles or deciding whether to pay her phone bill or buy yet another item of clothing that will be worn once and then quickly forgotten about.

Instagram: @pavlina__h