I have a feeling that years down the track, when I have kids, they will head straight to cool Aunt Nadia’s house when they run away from home.

Nadia is more than just a friend, she was a bridesmaid at my wedding, my partner in all things mischievous, and a particularly hot legend.

She is one of those people who lights up a room the moment she enters, and makes men fall in love with her without even knowing how. On top of that, she is one of the smartest people I know. It was no surprise to me that when we both started to grow up and get real jobs, mine took me to New York (which I thought was pretty cool) – but Nadia, as she does, found love and a life that literally keeps her traveling the world, following the sun, attending every hip party, staying at fancy hotels, meeting rad people, and shopping at boutiques I could only dream of finding… she really trumped the whole cool lifestyle thing I was going for.

As well as being a part time stylist and general travel enthusiast, Nads works for Belgian womenswear designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard and will be writing for AMFAM, guiding our readers on what’s cool around the world and contributing regularly to our Currently Obsessed With page. She brings a wealth of experience and insight.

Instagram: @nadiaphillips

Tumblr: thachroniclesofnadia.tumblr.com