One day in Brooklyn, New York a star was born. He was bestowed the name Kristopher Fraser.

21 years later Kristopher has graduated college with an English degree from Oberlin, College and is now in New York City trying to pursue any fashion editing and styling opportunities possible.

The moment that he realized that he wanted to be a fashion editor was when he was sixteen and he saw the cult classic, The Devil Wears Prada, and I went out and bought my first issue of Vogue magazine.From there he became obsessed with all things fashion from clothing, to editors, to photographers, to designers, and fashion history.

Kris’s greatest joy in the world comes from leaving small town America and being back in the Big Apple.His passion for fashion and all those years of writing as a liberal arts major have come together for his biggest passion: fashion writing.His life motto is: “Life is too short for bad liquor and ugly clothes”