Now, believe it or not, not every single one of my friends is a model, but they are all exotic, incredibly talented and successful in all areas of life. Which brings me to one of our key contributors, Miss Jessica Sepel. A generation down the track, our parents have a history of friendship dating back years and years, and our families connect socially on many different levels.

When asking Jess’ publicity team for a rundown on her bio, they replied saying, “we just wanted you to know that Jess has always looked up to you from a young age”. An incredibly humbling compliment from someone who has succeeded so fiercely in her own endeavors. If you’re unfamiliar with Jess’ work, you can thank me later, as she will honestly change your life.

Jess is a qualified Sydney nutritionist, author, health blogger and wellness coach. However, she is most recognizable for her beautiful recipes – she is the beloved voice of very active Facebook and Instagram accounts featuring daily food inspiration and health mantras. Her second eBook, The Clean Life: Rebuilding your relationship with food, your body and your mind, was recently released as the accumulation of the wisdom she’s gained through healthy living. I personally live by her advice, photos and just the simple deliciousness of everything she posts.

As a regular contributor to Vogue Australia and Mind Body Green, Jess continues to expand the JSHealth brand to reach savvy women who want to prioritize wellness in their busy lives. Jess plans to release seven new meal plans this year, including a slim down meal plan and a healthy travel guide. She also dreams of starting an active wear label with her sisters. She is now a regular contributor to AMFAM, giving us all the top tips on how to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle with elegance, decadence and style.

We could not be more excited to have her as part of the team.



Instagram: @jshealth