I remember the first time I spoke to Gabby, it was over the phone and she was interviewing for one of our internship positions we had available over the summer.  The conversation started with small talk, Gabby told me she had gone home for the weekend to work on the farm with her family. I immediately thought to myself there is no way this country chick from out in whoop whoop will be able to work with us, let alone get along with Sasha, (who is the polar opposite of a country girl). But, despite my initial reaction, her cool calming voice and warm personality started to surface on the phone.  So I thought I’d give her a chance to meet with Sasha and me for an interview.


The day of the interview we were swamped, as always,  and I stupidly tried to convince Sasha that we should cancel the interview with Gabby as I didn’t think she would be a good fit.. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Gabby Neal kills it. In fact I think it would be safe to say that without Gabby, Sasha and I would be terrible shape, both on a professional and a personal level.


Sasha still holds it against me. Anytime I make a decision to ignore or forget about something I believe to be irrelevant, Sasha will quickly answer “You said that about Gabby as well”. And she’s right. Not hiring Gabby would have been my biggest mistake to date.  Not only is Gabby awesome to be around and can light up a room with her laid back energy she is the most reliable, professional and hard working person I have ever come across. At 21 years old, she is way, way ahead of the game and a huge asset to our team. I know that Sasha personally relies on her on a daily basis, even all the way from New York she is talking and working withGabby on a daily basis. I can only hope we can hold onto her for as long as possible because before we know it,  she will have all the major fashion players knocking on her door.


Fashion world.. Look out for Gabby Neal.