Bridget Hollitt, the model who wants to do everything and is obsessively motivated by life.

“I’m one of those people who wants to do literally everything because I’m just so overwhelmed by life and its options.”

When we first asked her to write a bio for AMFAM she said she didn’t have much to talk about, “I don’t really have a lot to say because I have a billion different interests into which I dip my toes.” Wasn’t she wrong.

Hailing from Melbourne where she completed school in 2014, she has since moved to Sydney, deferred a Law/Media & Communications degree and has been modelling ever since. Bridget has always been a super smart, cool kid; she once ran a Glee Club and says her best friends were those in her specialist maths class. She’s got the looks and a brain to match it.

A little bit more about Bridget – she spends most of her time modelling, bugging people on set to tell her their life stories, harmonising, thinking up weird food combinations and trying convince her cat to love her. She could also spend the rest of her life drinking coffee and walking around aimlessly without getting bored.

Unsure of where her platform IdleClutter is headed and what direction to take It, Bridget is using the blog to share her thoughts and experiences within the industry and social issues affecting individuals alike.