By Gabby Neal

1. It’s not as glamorous as it seems, no matter what your position.

You’ve heard it time and time again, because it’s true. You know that feeling, when you’re dreaming and you’re trying to run and you just can’t? It’s pretty much like that. Anything you want to do and anything you’re reaching to do, is nearly impossible at least, without its difficulties. You can see that bright shiny new Prada bag and you can smell the bright shiny new Prada bag – you just can’t have the bright shiny new Prada bag. And the second you do, it’s only for a hot moment as you place it in a bag labelled RETURNS.

2. It’s not what you know it’s who.

Personal recommendations come very highly in this industry. If you’ve had a previous working relationship with someone, you get on with them and are fairly well down to earth – you’ve pretty well got it in the bag. At least until your probation is up and then it’s fair game…but seriously. If your personality can shine through like no other, it doesn’t matter what your level of experience.

3. You will re-learn the entire fashion vocabulary.

BALMAIN:     It’s Bal-mah-n not Balmaaayn

BALENCIAGA:    Balen-c-iaga not Balen-chi-aga

YVES SAINT LAURENT:    Eve-san-la-roghn not Yives-saint-laurent

LOUBOUTIN:    Loo-boo-tan not Louy-bi-ton

BULGARI:    Bool-gah-ree not Bull-gari

GIVENCHY:    Ghee-von-she not Givinchy

HERMES:    Air’-mez not Her-mez

ORIBE:    Orbay not Oribe

You’ll realise that all these words are European and sound much better without that Aussie twang’ on the end. And the second you learn a new one, you’ll feel empowered because you are now #fashioneducated.

4. You will most definitely cry over the most, stupidest, un-tear worthy event.

Eventually all will catch up with you; stupid deadlines, impossible attitudes and bazaar requests. You’ll be forgiven for breaking down to your co-worker and letting it out over a much needed glass of wine at lunch. Everyone will understand as they too have been through what you are and will help guide you through.

5. Everyone is poor.

No one can afford what they’re trying to sell – the products or lifestyle. You’ll find a lot of people working in our industry, including the influencers, who are struggling to make ends meet and keep up with the lifestyle they’re insistently trying to project. Plenty of coffee, tins of tuna and simple salads are high on the grocery list and minimal additional spending’s apart from rent, bills and gym memberships.

6. You will invest in designer once, and borrow the rest

We all have an Achilles heel and in this case, it’s splurging on the latest must-have pieces. Although no one is stupid enough to pay full price more than once. You purchase one classic, it will make you feel like a boss whenever you wear it and then you make use of your relationships in the fashion cupboard and PR community.

7. Scrolling through Instagram will become a boring and somewhat menial task.

You will be able to spot straight away who is being paid and who isn’t, what product they’re pushing and what designer along with where exactly in what suburb they shot. No longer will Instagram provide you with inspiring outfit ideas, rather it will repulse you with the concept of what is being promoted as fashion and style in 2018.

As such…..

8. Your idea of fashion and style will change

You will find yourself distancing from the industries marketing tactics and branch out on your own. You will find your own unique sense of style and realise what you do and don’t like and what does and doesn’t work. Along with this, you’ll also find random bits of extreme fashion emerge in your wardrobe. From oversized love heart sunglasses, ugly sweaters and neon coloured skirts – things you would never be caught dead in, some way or another make their way into your wardrobe.

Or it simply might just be you forgot your heels and were forced to wear those ugly sneakers found in the back of your car to dinner date?

9. You will love it until the very moment you realise, in self proclamation that you no longer do.

Not because you hate it, but because you’ve done your time and realised that what used to drive you into work every day doesn’t apply anymore. The industry is forever changing and with that so will your interests, friends, goals and idea of fulfilment and happiness. You will be happy to have had experienced it, but oh so glad to be rid of it.

10. You will read all kinds of articles about working in fashion relate to every single one of them.

All the while laughing at the fact there are millions of people out there who have no idea and are on the hunt for the glamourous façade that is the wonderful world of fashion.