Underwear is an essential part of women’s clothing. Depending on your style and what you want to rock, you may find yourself torn among the many kinds of panties like the traditional granny panties that offer much coverage or a pair of thongs that might be uncomfortable due to minimum coverage.

Then there’s cheeky underwear with pluses and minuses of its own. Cheeky panties cover just enough, giving you a look that doesn’t compromise comfort and style.

Here’s everything you need to know why many women prefer to wear cheeky underwear.

All That Fun

Cheeky underwear covers more compared with a pair of thongs and less compared with other undies. It exposes the cheeks just enough while still covering them. As an effect, it showcases the curves fairly well.

You feel more feminine and sexier while, at the same time, boosting your confidence, knowing that you’re not overexposed. They make the buns look good and appealing. A look at online shops like EBY will tell you why cheeky underwear is very popular. The prices are favorable, and these shops can deliver your order to any part of the world. 

Another fun part about cheeky underwear is that you can wear it with any type of clothing, considering its seamless feature. You can do away with mix and match woes.

Star For All Seasons

Because you can wear cheeky underwear with any type of clothing, it goes without saying that you can wear this type of underwear no matter what occasion it is. It’ll go well with your cocktail dresses during those social functions. It’ll be your trusty companion on your nights-out. Finally, it’ll give you that extra confidence as you take your best shot at business functions.  


Sometimes, you may need a little breather from all that fabric. You’d want less of those rubbing against your skin. When it comes to comfort, cheeky panties carry the day.

The seams are located comfortably and laced with soft fabric that’s nice to the touch. With all that comfort and breathability, you prevent the growth of bacteria that thrives when air is trapped under thick fabric. 


Suppose you like jeans but are tired of the visible panty line associated with other types of panties or of marks from jeans seams while wearing a thong. You may find yourself at a crossroads whether to ditch your favorite pair of jeans for a dress or something else.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Here’s the good news. Cheeky panties cover enough to offer protection from jeans and other abrasive pieces of clothing, leaving you with little to no visible panty lines. Those nasty marks will be a thing of the past. Now, you can rock that favorite pair of jeans without sacrificing your comfort.

No Restrictions

Cheeky underwear is perfect for movement. Whether you’re running, bending, stretching, or sitting, you can go about your routine without any discomfort. You can now hit the gym or go for a jog without any need to adjust your panties. Moreover, cheeky underwear can come in materials that wick sweat and moisture. It won’t give you that heavy feeling even if your clothes are heavy with sweat. Truly perfect for active ladies, eh?

With the right size, they don’t ride up or fold during your maneuvers. You can walk with confidence, be it around the office or running an errand in a public place, knowing that you’re wearing the perfect underwear. 

Perfect For Any Figure

There’s always something for everyone, and when it comes to a cheeky underwear, no one is left behind. No matter if you have a beach body or not, you can be sure that you’re covered. Forget about having to wear too tight undies to showcase your best features or wearing boy shorts just to show as less skin as possible. Cheeky underwear would be the perfect compromise.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the right underwear that looks good on you, and you’re left frustrated, and this doesn’t have to be the case. Cheeky underwear gives enough support to your cheeks, making that perfect shape pop.

Cheeky underwear has become a choice for many women seeking the whole deal and wanting not to compromise on looks or comfort. It can transform how you feel about underwear. Not only is it stylish but also is very comfortable to wear. With the perfect design and fabric choice, cheeky panties will leave you feeling super sexy and attractive. Nowhere else can you find high-quality offerings as with cheeky underwear from online shops like EBY.