It is not uncommon to see professional athletes stepping off of a private jet, but it is not generally as part of a luxury vacation. Professional athletes often have to travel long distances (including overseas) in short time frames, so it makes sense that teams turn to private jets to meet their needs. This post will look at a few of the main reasons why professional athletes frequently use private jets to travel.

Schedule Flexibility

Professional athletes across many sports spend a lot of time travelling. In professional football, for example, a London-based team might have a weekend fixture in Newcastle, then return home for training before setting off for a match in Europe midweek. Private jet travel provides a high level of flexibility, ensuring that teams can always arrive at their destination on time. Golfing U.S Open Champion Jon Rahm states that “fractional ownership simply doesn’t offer this level of flexibility.”

Privacy & Security

Of course, private jet travel also provides privacy and security for professional athletes. You will often see professional athletes mobbed by fans, media, and paparazzi wherever they go, so it is understandable that they want to avoid flying on a commercial flight. In addition to privacy during travel, this can also provide security – professional athletes can be targeted by criminals or abused by rival fans.

Optimised Travel Time

Professional athletes are in peak condition and must maintain this to perform at the highest level, so avoiding jet lag is key. Private jets can assist with this by optimizing travel time and allowing for proper recovery with comfort and luxury onboard. It is crucial that athletes are able to avoid jet lag when traveling overseas, and private jets help with this by optimizing travel time and creating a comfortable environment. Rahm explains how private jets can combat jet lag: “I had my dinner and went to bed and slept a solid 8 hours, easily. It was the only time I’ve ever flown over the Atlantic with such a big time zone change, and never had any jet lag.

Accommodating Sport Equipment

Professional athletes will travel with a lot of gear, especially when it is an entire team. Commercial flights have restrictions in place, but this is not an issue when they rent a private jet.

Sponsorship & Endorsement Commitments

Finally, many professional athletes have sponsorship deals that require them to be at promotional events, and private travel can provide the quickest and most convenient method of travel. Many also partner with private jet companies as brand ambassadors, such as Vista Jet’s partnership with Scuderia Ferrari in F1, allowing them to enjoy luxury travel experiences.

Private jet travel is invaluable for professional athletes. Private jet travel can provide fast, comfortable, and private travel that suits the rigorous and demanding schedules that professional athletes must meet.