By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

With winter behind, one of the most favorite seasons is here and that would be spring. Whether you attended the runway shows or not last year, there are some very important trends that models and non-models alike are raving about and there are very basic tips where you can update your wardrobe, do some spring cleaning and be utterly fashionable like a model in spring 2017.

First and foremost, there are several important colors this spring as well as some must-have wardrobe items. A main trend previewed on the runways last year, was seaside stripes. Visualize looks ripped from beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, in fun colors from pastels to bold reds. A surprising yet ongoing trend for this year is khaki. These pieces are redefining contemporary street wear.

Also, another hit this season is yellow. When you are doing your spring closet cleaning you are definitely going to want to keep an eye on your yellow wardrobe items. There is also an option for everyone, no matter what your skin tone is. Banker stripes are in as well – think Wall Street with a specific fun kick Seventh Avenue style. This look is absolutely great for not only the corporate world, but happy hour with the girls, model or non-models alike.

There are some fashion trends that are clearly retro and one look is the single shoulder cut out look. The spring 2017 runways were plentiful with shoulders. In fact, the spirit of the 80’s redux is back in full force. First and foremost the super bright, bold colors are in a very huge way. This was apparent by the fashion editors wearing sunglasses indoors ever than more before. And, if you look at the rainbow brights on the runway can you really blame them? An additional color alongside of the yellows is Kermit green. Any fashionista should wear lots and lots of it.

The 80’s trend this spring really comes present in dark after wears. There are several designs that are ultimately fun to play with including silhouette enhanced tight waists, giant belts for long skirts or jeans, crystal earrings are back in a huge way, and let’s not forget our stiletto shoes. These shoes are great for casual wear with jeans and also for a night out on the town. The 80’s are clearly back in, so keep this in mind when pursuing through your closet.

Head to toe florals are also in full force. Major designers such as Marques’Almeida, Chloé, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, and Erdem are highlighting this look, and the major fashion reviewers are touting this look as a groundbreaking look for spring. This is also not all about the clothes, but the trend also extends to the shoes. Floral shoes are all the rage this season. Ruffles, raw hems, blousy bouquets to carnations are a great trend this spring season.