Period-Proof Underwear for Everyday Comfort

There’s a new attitude on the block when it comes to women’s bodies, and we are loving it. Period products, pregnancy wear, and incontinence pants don’t need to be restrictive or uncomfortable and can fit in with all your day-to-day activities. At least, that’s what Australia’s #1 period and leak-proof underwear brand Modibodi believes.

Meeting the long-awaited demand for comfortable and practical period products, Modibodi is one of our favorite period and leak-proof underwear brands on the market. As well as being effortless to wear, Modibodi’s period undies provide long-lasting protection from leaks and spills and are suitable for every body shape and size. With their own patented technology and their fiercely unapologetic acceptance of every “bodi”, Modibodi is a truly inspirational company. Plus, their products are great for the environment! We break down just a few of the reasons why we can’t get enough of Modibodi’s line.

Who Is Modibodi?

Modibodi is Australia’s #1 period and leak-proof underwear brand that was founded by Kristy Chong in 2011. Talking with The Carousel in 2019, Kirsty describes how her frustration with the lack of comfortable and functional personal hygiene products on the market drove her to create the brand. Women’s hygiene products, she states, have for a long time been totally focused on disposability.

However, disposable products are often not biodegradable and can take thousands of years to erode, making them an environmental challenge. What’s more, buying disposable products every month can make menstruation prohibitively expensive, especially for women living in poverty. Modibodi aims to slash the expense and the environmental impact of menstruation by providing long-lasting, sustainable products. These underwear products can act as a one-off investment, instead of a monthly drain on your cash. What’s not to love about that?

What Does Modibodi Make?

Modibodi’s range started out with absorbent underwear that could be worn during your period or if you experienced bladder leaks (a common issue for women after pregnancy.) However, they have since branched out into items like absorbent bras for breastfeeding mothers and swimwear that you can wear on your period. Their expansive and thoughtfully produced range fits their inclusive ethos. When it comes to comfort, confidence, and protection, no woman is left behind!

Where Can You Wear Modibodi Products?

Anywhere! Modibodi’s underwear range is specifically designed to be comfortable, functional, and wearable. The built-in absorbent pad strip is thin and sits smoothly under clothes. Meanwhile, the range of high and mid-rise waistbands are designed to flatter any body type.

Why We Love Modibodi

It’s a Great, Sustainable Choice

Did you know that the average woman will need to use more than 15,000 disposable menstruation products in her lifetime? Neither did we! But Modibodi did.

Modibodi’s underwear is machine washable and designed for repeat use. This removes the disposable element from period products as one pair of Modibodi pants can last you several years. Although for a woman with an average cycle, you’ll probably need 5-6 pairs to rotate during menstruation, this is still a huge cut in disposable waste.

Modibodi’s pants are also made from natural materials, including Merino Wool and Bamboo. This reduces the carbon footprint from the manufacturing process. Quick tip – because these natural fibers are especially tasty to clothes moths, be sure to store your Modibodi products somewhere safe. 

Easy to Clean

Modibodi pants are machine washable on a cold setting. It also helps to rinse them out in the sink before you put them in the wash. You should also avoid using fabric softener or tumble drying your pants as this can hamper their effectiveness.

No More Panic Buying

Periods, incontinence spills, and breastmilk leaks don’t care about your schedule or routine. Modibodi, however, has got you covered. If you’ve got a cycle that always starts in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, you’ll know the horror of the empty tampon shelf. Or, what about when you’re out and about, and your period makes an unexpected arrival.

Dashing to the shop in your pjs or on your break from work to buy disposable products is just no fun. Modibodi eliminates the need for panic buying because you’ve always got period products ready to go. Modibodi products can help you feel confident and prepared for all situations. The comprehensive, absorbent technology is also great at stopping leaks over an 8-12h span, so you don’t need to worry about stains or awkward situations.

Comfortable and Wearable

 With Modibodi products, no activity is off the table. This range of undies is ideal for wearing to workout, going to work, or for lounging on the couch watching TV or playing a game. The soft, natural materials sit nicely against your skin so you’ll feel extra comfortable on days when you might need a bit of extra support.

Adjust Your Absorbency

Modibodi’s range offers a huge variety of absorbency levels so you can adapt around your flow. Because your cycle often feels different on different days (or across different months), Modibodi lets you adjust your period protection according to your body. You can choose from Superlight styles that offer reliable absorbency for the end of your cycle or for minor bladder leaks. You can also get Moderate/Heavy styles that offer more than 12hr of protection from heavy flows or for overnight wear. Modibodi also offers the Maxi-24hrs absorbency that can hold up to 10 tampons!

Patented Technology

Not only are Modibodi products absorbent, they also employ its own original patented Modifier Technology to eliminate moisture and odor. This means that you can wear your Modibodi undie for a long time and still feel dry and comfortable. Odor absorbent technology also helps you feel fresh and confident as you go about your day.

Modibodi period and leak-proof underwear are seriously some of the most comfortable personal hygiene products on the market. We cannot recommend them enough! From a wide range of styles and absorbency rates to suit your flow to their great range of postpartum products, this brand knows how to support women’s bodies. Money-saving and environmental benefits are really just a plus with this brand. Ten out of ten!

Do you have experience wearing Modibodi personal hygiene products? How did you find them? Share your experience in the comments!