By Stylist Jenni Sellan

Retail is therapy, and we all know that too much of a good thing can result in other kinds of therapy, so lets put a few guidelines in place as we work towards the exchange of our well earned cash for some new additions to the family.

Remember: Quality over quantity. Stick to the list. Establish your budget

The Basics
This process is focused on building our core wardrobe  The building blocks. Establish a strong core before adding too many seasonal or on trend pieces.
The list below is a guide to what you will need.

Remember when scrolling through to keep  in mind that quantities and certain items may vary based on your budget, lifestyle,  your personal style and the climate you live in and it does not include accessories or shoes.

It works because each piece can be mixed and matched with plenty of room for play and creativity, and remember that high rotation on these pieces can be expected which is why quality will play an important factor.

The Absolute Minimum.
A coat. In warmer climates a light weight trench is the perfect solution; Navy, Black or neutral hues will work wonders.

time to cleanse part 4 coats

3 -4 Jackets; Navy and Black would be my top two picks and make sure at least one is tailored. It’s always fun to have a statement piece and I also recommend a denim jacket – so versatile and the perfect weekend piece.

time to cleanse part 4 jacket

time to cleanse part 4 jacket
4 pairs of trousers / pants. This includes jeans

Time to cleanse part 4 pants

time to cleanse part 4 pants
6 tops (shirts and blouses).  Make sure you include collared shirts, at least one white button down and add a statement making top to your selection.

time to cleanse part 4 white shirt

time to cleanse part 4 shirt
4-5 Tee-shirts – at least one black and one white.time to cleanse part 4 white tee2-3 light weight knits – can include jumpers and or cardigans.time to cleanse knits3 Skirts – include a pencil skirt, an A line and a straight or a maxi, depending on your style. Also consider a denim skirt.

time to cleanse part 4 skirts

time to cleanse part 4 skirts
4-5 Dresses – a little black dress (LBD), a dress that can be worked back for several occasions and a special occasion piece will be included in this section. AND my wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a Kaftan or three… so I’m including it here..

time to cleanse part 4 dresses

time to cleanse part 4 dresses 

time to cleanse part 4 dresses
As you prepare for your shopping trip, review this list, consult your little black book and check it against what you currently have in your wardrobe. You are now ready to shop!

It will be nothing less than chic xo