By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

While most people think that you do not need to be triathlete ready to walk a catwalk, most would be surprised that working a runway show simply isn’t about meeting up with a makeup artist, stylist, your publicist and then throwing on a pair of heals and working the runway. First, and foremost, you need an amply amount of confidence to face critics and decision makers of the runway world; and ample of confidence is also needed to strut your stuff in scantily dressed threads, where some models also surprisingly fear falling of the runway itself. The truth of the matter is that anyone can be catwalk ready and this includes just about anyone. Here are a couple of tips to walk the runway like a pro.

Chin down, eyes up

When a model is strutting his/her stuff on the runway, most incline to stare up at the ceiling, when in reality you are walking above the audience. Walking with your head tilting slightly down at the runway (imagine your chin hanging from an imaginary string tied to the ceiling), the audience will be able to better see your face. Last, keeping your chin slightly titled will angle your face and add a tad bit of welcomed attitude.

Don’t smile

As much as you are want to grin and do the inner-girl happy dance, because you received your first runway assignment, please think twice about this one. While your smile is probably picture perfect, smiling during a runway show is going to detract from the clothes, and let’s face it; it is the designer’s gig here. The rule of thumb is to look in the mirror and see what your natural look is. If your lips are slightly parted when relaxed, then go with that look on the runway. You want to appear as natural as possible and not forced, smiling or not and it doesn’t hurt to ask one of you fellow model friends what your expression looks like.

Stare ahead. Stay focused

One of the most important reasons as to why you want to do this, is so you do not trip on the runway. Everyone once and awhile, glance down at your feet to make sure you are walking confidently and are still on task. Pick a spot at the end of the runway and focus on this – do not look down and engage/look at your audience members, no matter how easy this is to do. When you focus on something that gives you purpose, it will reflect in your eyes.

Walking and posture – simplicity is key

As our grandmothers have said for years, stand up straight with your shoulders slightly rolled back. Grandma’s advice is key to both models and non-model’s alike. It is also importantly to keep your arms loosely relaxed by your side, your arms will naturally move with you when you walk and this natural motion is far better than non-relaxed, excessive swinging which is also quite distracting. Practice walking with high heels on. Yes, practice makes perfect here, especially if a model is not comfortable with spikey heels.