By Michele Smith
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Sh. It’s a secret. Often called the “Super Bowl of fashion shows”, this extraordinary, lavish, televised event, costing an estimated 7 million and watched by at least 11 million viewers in 185 different countries around the world. Additionally, if the Victoria’s Secret show is the Super Bowl, then the after-party is an all-star one. What does exactly go on at the after-party that the elite and angels attend? The following is a sneak peek behind the scenes.

This A-lister after-party celebration comes with all of the perks from delectable food to celebrity attendance. The sexiness just doesn’t end with the runway and the Victoria’s Secret Angels change their lingerie attire and are dressed to impress with the latest fashion lines; from Versace to Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes, complete with the latest accessories including Prada bags to Fernando Jorge jewelry. Skin was definitely in at this elegant affair.

There were however many other looks gracing the pink after-party red carpet. This time around many models switched barely-there minis for glamorous long sleeve gowns, sleek pantsuits and fringed frocks. The post-party fashion trends ranged from sparkly mini-dresses to a certain Mugler look two models actually wore. Popular fashion ensembles included thigh-high cuts on designer dresses and grid/net accents.

The opt for grid/net accents is an alternative for wearing sheer fabrics. Slash-like cutouts were also a favorite, featuring cutouts around the waist, chest and hips. When it came to most revealing, some models wore lingerie with ruffles around the hips and visible nipples through a body sock.

The after party scene in 2015 took place at Tao Downtown (the establishment was also one of the many lucrative sponsors among Swarovski, Samsung GALAXY and Chambord). Tao Downtown – a popular restaurant and nightclub in the New York Chelsea district was the place to be for the evening.

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The subterranean restaurant with multi-level space, has the look and feel as it has been there for decades; while Chinese artifacts are unearthed within. What most people do not know is that the models also have another after-after party at a secret location complete with burgers and pizza. Yes, these lovely supermodels like to carb up after the show and deservingly so.

The Tao Downtown scene was attended by Selena Gomez (who also performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show) and Caitlyn Jenner, who made a stunning appearance in a sheer-paneled dress revealing a side boob and turned heads.

Kendall Jenner, an emerging model and second-youngest member of the Kardashian clan, made her debut as a Victoria’s Secret girl in the 2015 runway show. Although she’s used to sharing the spotlight with her sisters, she insisted they spend the night at home. Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner held the center of the room most of the night and were glowing from the numerous iPhone flashes.

Most of the models were ready to celebrate and dance the night away after the nerve-wracking fashion show. Upstairs, many other VS cat walkers traipsed across a minuscule step and repeat, flaunting their stuff for the cameras. The Victoria’s Secret after-party is clearly the ultimate post fashion show celebration.