By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Sh. It is a secret. Is it really? While there is a bunch of mystery behind the lives and events of Victoria’s Secret models, there is a ton of known truths. We know about the glamorous parties that follow the most talked about fashion runway shows on the planet. We have heard the rumors about the pizza after-parties, after the official Victoria’s Secret party at secret restaurant locations only the invited elite attend. Is there more to know about theses famous beauties who are who are working for one of the most coveted companies in the fashion industry? After some digging, we discovered there is more to know and anyone would be surprised to learn about the following.

Are the Victoria’s Secret supermodels hair real or fake? While most women covet long locks, the truth of the matter is that a majority of these models not only have hair extensions, but these luscious locks take hours upon hours to put in. This can be quite damaging on the natural hair when done incorrectly and to add to the damage, most of these models have dyed hair as well.  Speaking of fake, let us move on to talk about the models skin.

While the Victoria’s Secret Angels do not spend hour upon hour in a tanning booth to get the look, the alternative is actually quite a tad bit more time consuming. First, all models spend beyond a considerable amount of time being airbrushed. What does this mean exactly? Models are airbrushed prior to strutting down the runway in order to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and any other visible imperfections. This however is only step one. Step two is that the Victoria’s Secret models have to be spray tanned and this process takes hours. This makes one ponder whether the giant contract is worth it.

The list goes on and begs the question false eyelashes or not. Many of the Victoria’s Secret models wear them so often, so that when they are not on the runway they feel they do not look like they normally do.

Let us get down to food. While models stick to a strict diet in general, the scoop from behind-the-scenes are saying that the Victoria’s Secret models have to not only have to adhere to a beyond strict diet, but even are assigned trainers who to tell them what to eat, when to eat and event count their calories for them.

There is no scoop on if they have to do weigh-ins, as some other agencies have reported, however these supermodels are certainly not rushing out for a midnight burger run if everything  they are eating is managed. Finally yet importantly, it is rumored that Victoria’s Secret models are given alcohol beverages before they go on stage to be more loose and flirty. While most in the industry have heard this issue argued on both sides, insiders in the Vicky camp say this is a common practice.

Not quite so glamourous is it? This gives the annual Victoria’s Secret show viewers certainly something to think about twice.