Are you getting hiccups in your sleep? Hairy Little Things has been thinking about you! In this world, people often get stuck deciding between budget buys and end up giving in to their inner queen. For the person who likes to spend their penny on self care, Hairy Little Things is the salon for you. This boutique focuses purely on what you need to look your best with an emphasis on enhancing your own natural beauty. Hairy Little Things has many winning services to enhance your brows, lashes, and lips.

Microblading, Microfeathering, and Lip Blush have been ruling the industry for some years. People love to characterise their eyes in the camera with more captivating looks that can sweep you off your feet in one glance. We would not want to miss out on any of these goodies, so why think of anything else when you have HLT’s benefits to grab?

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Every person who undergoes the horrors of uneven and over-tweezed eyebrows meets annoyance sooner or later. We get it, it’s frustrating when you think about all the time you’ve wasted at your vanity filling in your eyebrows and using a combination of products.

It’s 2022, and this annoying situation has a sweet solution: Microblading

Microblading has gotten an enormous boost of popularity among skincare divas. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. Unlike traditional tattoos, which use a tattoo gun, microblading uses a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strokes along your brows while depositing pigment into your skin. It’s time to bid farewell to pomades, pencils and all those extra products! This technique efficiently covers sparse, asymmetrical, over-tweezed, over-waxed, or thin brows and helps redefine their overall appearance. 

Next question: where does one go for this service?

Next answer: Hairy Little Things

With two locations in West Hollywood and Newport Beach and one on the way in Costa Mesa, Hairy Little Things will give you your perfect brow aesthetic. All it takes is two sessions to achieve lustrous natural-looking brows. HLT is proud to reveal that their services suit both genders and work their beauty magic on anyone & everyone! If you have a beating heart, Hairy Little Things encourages you to indulge in all the fun.


Brows are a whole new obsession; owing to it, Microfeathering is making a dramatic comeback in the beauty industry. After rummaging through one too many celeb Instagrams, it was obvious that celebs love their brows to dominate their entire silhouette. Who can blame them?!

At Hairy Little Things, your brows will be thrilled to get the advantage of this benefit, too, as Hairy Little Things leave no stone unturned when it comes to amping up your beauty. It is essential to know that Microfeathering is a tad bit different from Microblading. The former is a perfect treatment for all those who are already blessed with brows, which grow like a weed. 

However, this is just to spice things up and introduce that extra oomph factor by filling any sparse areas. You would no longer have to touch your brow pencil or spend hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect your arches, as Hairy Little Things would do that for you

And the best part of Microfeathering is, in one session, your brows are revamped from top to bottom, rather—from one corner to the other! Even better – You can also book a touch-up session by paying an additional cost. 

Lip Blush 

It’s the burning age of irresistible fashion moments, and no one likes to go subtle, especially when all eyes are on you! Everyone is talking about Lip Blush. It is the art of creating a semi-permanent tattoo on your lips, which brings in iconic colored pigments to your smoochie and makes your lips look bathed in a flush of color

HLT specialises in adding this technique to the uppermost lip tissue by using a highly-advanced cosmetic machine so that you can take deep breaths! This service breathes life into your lips and gives them a long-lasting effect, just like your favorite tinted lip balm you usually rely on! We will completely understand why if you find yourself hooked on lip blushing tomorrow!

Lash Line Enhancement 

Users revealed that Hairy Little Things Lash Line Enhancement is all you need to realize why your lashes looked so boring earlier! Hairy Little Things makes your lashes look fuller and uptight, and infusing and putting the liner between your lashes, all tightly tucked up and hidden so seamlessly, that your eyes naturally appear denser and bold! 

HLT is also craved by many makeup lovers, who like to up their eye makeup game every once in a while, and make heads turn with a unique style. Kitty Kat is a particular liner technique users love here, which pumps up more drama to your whole ensemble and gives them eyes to remember!

A swift peruse through Hairy Little Things will prove that if they have any goal, it is to please your appearance with their premium treatments prepared just for YOU! While navigating through their world, you can find the luxury of many beauty innovations like amplified lashes, enhanced brows, photogenic eyes, and juicy lips that look ready to kiss! Many makeup lovers are dropping their fussy routine and embracing this brand’s non-sweaty ways. So should we count you in for the ride? Book your appointment today! 

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