It’s quite the tale of how our paths crossed, and how a now a majorly important person, came to be in my life.

A close friend of mine Jessica Baxter, Jewellery Designer and co creator of Swimwear Label, Skye and Stag-horn and I were living together in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

In the midst of reeling off ideas of how to take our creativeness to next level as we would so often do, it struck, that blinding vision of exactly what you need to do.

The moment as creatives we are constantly progressing towards, “Holy shit dude!!! Nancy, you have to Photograph Nancy C. Donahue!!!”

After a tale of how she met Nancy out one night and that she had rocked her world, it was revealed to me, who Nancy C. Donahue is.

Nancy was one of the top Super Models of the 80’s, featuring on countless Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar covers, and major High Fashion campaigns across Europe and America.

And boy did she live the life too, but that’s another story.

Instantly I thought, “How can I Photograph this Super Model in a way that is different from anything she has ever done?”

As a Photographer, Actor and Model myself, I wanted to try and merge all of those into one project, combined with the ever present words from my acting coach Myles Pollard “Play against the text”, it was clear that her and I needed to be in this together.

Nancy was instantly taken with the idea, and after a year of planning, Skype chats, cancellations and lunches, an amazing team was put together and a location was found.

Against the text… There is an age gap of 24 years between Nancy and I. The stereotype would be a Ben Braddock and Mrs Robinson situation, or and older man, younger woman. You never see an older woman in a fully functioning, exclusive relationship with a younger man. Thats what I wanted to capture, defy the stereotype, why not!!!

And so my Editorial “This is us” was Photographed.

To have a look, click here.

This is Us5S