Somewhere between Texas and Australia, everything suddenly made sense. Fashion was always her way to creatively connect, while creating things with his bare hands, was his. Now living on a ranch just outside of Austin, they are building the foundations of a new life.

Embracing the subtle differences and commonalities inspirited from each of their unique worlds, Jen and Josh have developed a brand like no other.

Understated Leather is a lifestyle brand inspired by authenticity and individuality. Bespoke leather goods are dreamed, made and reworked, in Texas. Each piece of leather is carefully selected from local and reliable sources, ethically supporting local businesses and ensuring the highest standards possible. Up-cycled vintage finds are given new life with exclusive alterations, while other items are made entirely from scratch.

In time, just like life’s natural aging process, the more often a piece is worn, the more unique it becomes. Heirloom pieces to be cherished forever as an extension of the wearer, their life and their journey.



Instagram: @understatedleather