Fentanyl is one of the strongest painkillers on the market right now, with it being 100% more potent than morphine. Though this drug is legally manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, it is also illegally produced, and extremely dangerous. With fentanyl being more potent by 50% than heroin, it is extremely dangerous when it is misused.

One of the main problems with this drug is the fact that it is so addictive. The high that it produces is so high that some people have the desire to never stop using it, and this is becoming extremely problematic. Data from 2020-2022 showed that overdoses of fentanyl were up over 30% from the previous years. In fact, it’s more addictive than other substances like heroin and cocaine for this exact reason.

Understanding The Impact Of Fentanyl

Many people don’t realize just how dangerous fentanyl is, and how easy it can be to overdose. The lethal dose of this drug can be as low as 2 mg, making overdose unfortunately very common.

Fentanyl will never be prescribed to people who are not already taking strong opioids because the body will likely not react to it well. It is still rarely prescribed by doctors due to the strength, and only used on exceptional occasions.

If you or someone that you know has come into contact with fentanyl illegally, an opioid drug detox may be needed in order to get it out of the system. This infographic is going to give you some information on fentanyl overdoses and deaths in a simple, easy to read format so that it’s clear and easy to understand. We urge you to have a look.

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