Get the look: bare and fresh-faced makeup!

2023 is set to be the year of authenticity in all aspects of life, including our makeup! The days of vibrant, vampy eye looks are out. We’re no longer spending hours making sure our contour looks snatched. Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect formula to enhance their natural beauty without it looking caked on, so here are just a few of the looks that we think will be making a comeback in 2023…

Glowy, natural bases

Towards the end of 2022, the makeup industry started to move away from intense matte looks, in favour of skin tints and lightweight foundations that offered a glowy and natural skin texture to whoever wore it. A lot of guru’s are attributing this to Hailey Bieber and her amazing, glowy skin; we all know how she can set a trend! This trend is set to become so popular, it even has its own name! We’re making 2023 the year of “skinamalism”

Blush is back

Blush has slowly been making a comeback, with trends like sunburn blush and blush draping taking the red carpet by storm. This has slowly dripped into our real life looks, and this is set to continue into the new year. We all have a touch of colour to our faces naturally, so it only stands to reason that we would continue to incorporate this into our makeup looks, especially as high quality liquid and creme blushes are now so widely available. 

Expanding the smokey eye

It’s 2023. We’re no longer creating a smokey eye exclusively out of black, grey and silver eyeshadows. We’ve moved on and now we’re creating amazing, barely there smokey eyes using beautiful neutral tones. Of course, this natural eye trend pairs beautifully with a statement lip, which we’re expecting to see more of at the start of this year, and every makeup look needs a statement piece. 

Brushed up brows

Hailey Bieber has a lot to answer for in terms of the trends we’re expecting to see in 2023. Brushed up and gelled eyebrows are here to give soap brows a run for their money, all thanks to one post from Mrs Biber over on the gram. There’s nothing more natural than allowing our brows to run wild and free, before securing them in place with just a little bit of wax. 

Glossy lips

In the 2010s, the matte lip was all the rage, but in the 2020s gloss is back! In 2023, we’re avoiding the overglossed look, instead going for something that’s giving “I’m hydrated and wearing my balms”. Ultimately, we’re aiming for a look that compliments our dewy, natural skin, soft smokey eye and tamed/untamed brows! 

And there you have it – everything you need to know about the new bare and fresh-faced makeup trend. We’re excited to see the return of so many low-maintenance looks in 2023. It’s been amazing to see so many people embracing and enhancing their natural beauty towards the end of 2022, and we hope this is a trend that will continue and evolve for many years to come.