Even if you live a completely healthy lifestyle, exercising, dieting with a motivated mind, at one point or another, you’re going to need a little pick-me-up after months and months of tireless work. Our bodies aren’t indestructible either. One way or another, something is going to take a little bite out of you, whether it’s time or the general stress of work and well, just about everything else.

Living in a major metropolitan city like New York adds an additional layer of stress and anxiety to an already hectic modern lift. When you are stressed you may subconsciously indulge in unhealthy eating habits, which may subsequently lead to unwanted weight gain. And one of the physical manifestations of that is an annoying double chin, which is both visually displeasing and also can drop your confidence levels. That’s why advanced minimally invasive treatments are gaining traction in large metro areas to bring your confidence levels to new heights. Kybella, an injectable medication, has seen a soaring popularity secondary to its ease of administration, minimal side effects and reliable outcomes. Cosmetic dermatology offices in New York confirm that the demand for Kybella has been steadily rising every year since it was launched a few years ago on the market. It is extremely popular with patients who want good results and don’t have time to wait for fat to melt away naturally

Hopefully, after hearing about these treatments, you’ll be more interested in giving them a try and seeing for yourself what modern medical and cosmetic technology can offer you. 


Our skin is very durable and quite strong. Considering everything that it has to go through to protect the inside of our bodies, it has to be. Skin can regenerate, fight off infections, and repair a lot of damage.

But the surface of the skin isn’t just a smooth surface. It is a porous, uneven plane of cells, which get damaged, torn apart, but ultimately, replaced by new and fresh ones. It’s not the skin itself that is indestructible, but rather its ability to restore itself and continue functioning the way it always does. 

If you have a tattoo or know someone close that does, try to feel their skin right after they get it. It feels extraordinarily smooth and supple when compared to the rest of the surface, because the needle gun used to make the tattoo pokes all these tiny holes in the skin. When these holes are then regenerated by the skin, they replace the damaged or missing cells with fresh new ones.

Microneedling, which is also sometimes referred to as dry tattooing, uses this exact same method to rejuvenate the skin and make it more supple. It uses a specialized needle gun to poke lots of tiny holes in the skin. These holes do bleed, however after a single wipe, the holes are covered and stop bleeding. They aren’t particularly deep; just enough to trigger the skin’s regenerative ability, causing it to restore the damage and replace the old skin cells with fresh new ones.

With microneedling you can treat a variety of different things on your face as well as other parts of your body. First of all, microneedling is good for all around skin care, since it makes the skin softer and renews cells that may have been old and weak. Microneedling is also a good treatment for smoothing out uneven skin surface that may be caused by scarring or even acne, make skin pigmentation more consistent and even flatten out wrinkles to some extent.

One of the best parts about this treatment other than the variety of results that it can offer, is that it’s very easygoing, as you don’t have to put a lot of time into recovering and post procedural care. You go in for one treatment or maybe several, and come out with staggeringly amazing results.

You also have the option of taking a microneedling session to the next level with a little bit of PRP or platelet-rich plasma. in your blood you have the special little particles called platelets, which are responsible for fusing together and repairing any gashes or openings in your skin. Those scabs that you get after falling on the ground and scraping your knee; that is a concentration of hardened platelets that come together to close off wounds. These platelets are your blood’s most regenerative particles and are naturally good at repairing and regenerating.

By spending your blood in the centrifuge, you can retrieve a concentration of platelet-rich plasma, which you can then smear over your face after a microneedling treatment, allowing the regenerative compound to seep into the holes, further improving the results. They sometimes call this the “vampire facial” thanks to the blood that is used, but it is a very effective way of regenerating the skin and replacing it with a supple new layer.


Well microneedling focuses on the face, kybella chooses to work on the chin. We store fat in a variety of parts on the body. In some places they are welcome, but in other parts of the body such as under the chin, we don’t appreciate the layers of fat that build up there over time.

Well microneedling focuses on the face, kybella chooses to work on the chin. We store fat in a variety of parts on the body. In some places they are welcome, but in other parts of the body such as under the chin, we don’t appreciate the layers of fat that build up there over time.

And it’s unfortunate to that toning the area under the chin is not an easy task, considering that there aren’t very effective physical exercises and the ones that do exist take a lot of effort and eat up a lot of the time you will have to spend at the gym.

But with a couple of sessions of kybella, you can easily dissolve away the fat cells under the chin leaving behind a smooth and chiseled jawline and neck. The compound used in the kybella injection is a specialized acid designed to specifically dissolve fat cells without damaging any other parts of the body. This makes the treatment extra safe, as most clinics registered very rare cases of anything going wrong.

And kybella treatments also come at a good price as well. Skinly Aesthetics, a Manhattan-based spa, is offering their Kybella NYC treatment for very reasonable prices to both new and loyal clients who wish to tone that part of their body. It’s just another way to pick up your looks in a quick and efficient mannerю

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