You Should Read This Guide First

Scotland is one of Europe’s most underappreciated countries, sadly overshadowed by England, which it borders to its south. Scotland has contributed a lot to the world, and it is one of the most interesting and unique countries in Western Europe.

If you are interested in visiting, then there are a few things that you should know. Taking the time to do your research and preparing for your trip will make traveling there a lot easier.

This post will explore the subject of preparation in more detail, explaining what you need to know about going to Scotland.

Luggage Storage

When most people go away on vacation, they tend to overpack. Overpacking can be a very big problem, especially when you’re visiting somewhere like Scotland. The cities are busy and vibrant, and the countryside is rugged and hilly. Thankfully, you can arrange Edinburgh luggage storage, and since Edinburgh is the nation’s most popular city, it is very likely that you will be heading there. Luggage storage allows you to deposit unnecessary luggage and leave it safely there. The best thing about luggage storage facilities is that you can return at any time and take things out, or put new things in. Similar storage facilities are available all over Scotland and in many other cities. Using such a facility will save you the trouble of having to haul heavy bags and suitcases to your hotel or wherever you are staying.

Group Tours

When visiting Scotland, many experts agree that it’s best to take a tour. Unless you are a professional historian, there is no way that alone you are going to manage to find everything that’s worth seeing in the town or city that you visit. Scotland is an ancient nation, inhabited first by a race of warriors called the Picts, who fought the Romans off. Then, it became a thriving educational hub, and home to some of Europe’s most prized artists, writers, and poets. It is fair to say then, that there are lots to see. A tour will allow you to see it all.

Souvenir Shops

If you are visiting Edinburgh, then in the city’s more central areas you are bound to find souvenir shops. In these shops, you can find tartans and trinkets. Unfortunately, the tartans that are sold in these shops tend to always be made of polyester and are not authentic. Similarly, the other items sold in these shops are also a complete waste of money and will deteriorate before you even get back home. Avoid shopping in any souvenir shop, unless you are buying something simple like a fridge magnet.

Buying Quality

If you do want to buy a tartan, which many people do when they visit Scotland, then buy an authentic woolen one. There are hundreds of shops selling real tartans in Edinburgh and thousands more in other parts of Scotland. If you plan on buying one then do your research before you visit so that you can find a shop selling the pattern that you like. Make sure that you don’t buy somebody’s clan or family pattern. If they see you wearing it, they are bound to confront you, since clan patterns are very close to people’s hearts and very personal.

Whisky Sampling

Whiskey was created in Scotland. So, if you are visiting, why not take a tour of a whisky distillery? Whisky distilleries can be found all over the nation and usually let the public in and host tours. An alternative is to just find a nice pub somewhere in the area that you are visiting and try the brand of whisky that the locals like. When you are drinking whisky, make sure that you don’t shot it. A lot of people think whisky should be consumed in a shot, but this is not at all the way that it’s traditionally consumed. If you are on a tour and start shotting whisky, the distillers are going to think that you’re strange.

The Highlands

Finally, if it is possible for you to, then why not visit the Highlands? The Highlands is a rugged mountainous area located in Scotland’s north. Despite how difficult it is to get to them; they have some of the best walking routes in all of the United Kingdom. Also, because of Scotland’s freedom to roam laws, you can walk literally anywhere on them. There is no limit to where you can go, even if you end up on somebody’s land.

Scotland is an interesting country, with lots to do. If you plan on visiting then be sure to prepare beforehand, so you know what each day of your trip holds for you. Booking and planning activities in advance is also important since it will help you to ensure that you gain entry to venues and don’t get turned away.