By Triston Brewer
– A journalist exposing the latest in fashion across concrete jungles internationally

The ever-changing spectrum of fashion has reached a new plateau in menswear, which has become one of the most talked about sectors of the industry the last few years. As interest in men’s fashion forges a dramatic new trajectory, new styles rules have come into play that every man should be made aware of in order to optimize his sartorial aspirations. The following are just a few that men can incorporate to optimize their overall look.

The Expansion of the Color Wheel, With a Twist

Rules are made to be broken, and then there are some that simply are revamped. The color wheel is one tried and true dimension of men’s fashion that will arguably always remain the same, but the new style trajectory for menswear includes putting a new spin on the traditional blue, brown, and khaki, or black and white combinations. These days, the fashion forward man should dare to go there by mixing and matching them in ways that previous generations never dared to. One of the hottest trends in menswear right now is the khaki suit, which is quickly escalating into a perennial favorite over the traditional dark blue and gray suits. Perfect for a formal occasion or for the day-to-day grind, a great khaki suit can be dressed up or down with the addition of only a few great accessories. When searching for the best suit for men, consider embracing the contemporary appeal of the khaki suit, which has gained significant momentum and offers a fresh alternative to the more conventional dark blue and grey options.

blue suit

Definitive Denim

Every man should have a great pair of denim jeans in his wardrobe, but today’s incarnations of jeans aim to be more authentic in appearance than previous eras. Definitive denim of today should already look broken-in and faded from the moment you obtain them. The hue of your jeans definitely matters, with medium blue the lightest men should wear. Darker denim look more refined, are easier to dress up, and work with just about anything in a man’s closet.



A Broader Range of Jackets

It’s not just the colors that have changed when it comes to menswear, but also the range of options as well. Men’s jackets have now gone beyond the simple blazer and leather jacket to now include flight jackets, bomber jackets, and even the re-emergence of the double-breasted jacket. Flight jackets are one of the biggest trends in menswear now and come in several colors. Bomber jackets now can be acquired in leather or suede and are now available in a slim fit for more upscale events.

Customize Your Life!

There’s no reason these days for men not to have the absolute best fit possible, with so many companies offering to customize everything in your closet. From your suits to your shirts, the options are endless, making it easier than ever before to attain a great polished look with little down time involved.

Accessories Matter

It’s astonishing what a small accessory can do to an overall look, and menswear has gone the extra mile in the accessories department, with more fashion houses offering an extensive range of selections that men can select to maximize their look from head to toe. Pocket squares have taken an even bigger role in men’s accessories of late, featuring fabrics and patterns that cover the gamut of men’s fashion. With fewer ties worn in the workplace these days, ties have become more of a statement piece than ever before, with cotton ties trending in a major way. No matter what your personal style directive may be when it comes to ties, there is a label out there that has something to perfectly suit any man.


The aforementioned style directives for the fashion forward man are just a few reasons why menswear is now in the middle of one of its most exciting times in history. With rules made to be broken, only time will tell what else is in store for what will be trending next.