Pearls never really go out of style, but this eternally fabulous gem is trending extra-strong in 2022. Iridescence is popular in every sector, from home decor to clothes and accessories, which makes everything pearl even hotter. Read on to get the low down on pearlcore.

The Queen of Gems

Pearls have been prized throughout history and have always been associated with wealth, power, and status. Ancient people believed pearls to be the tears of the gods. Until pearl culturing was invented in the last century, pearls were so rare that only the uber-rich could afford them. Today, pearls are within reach of just about every budget. From minimalist single pearl necklaces to classic pearl strands, everyone can own a piece of this historic gem.

Pop Culture Fave

Every generation has its fashion icons. Coco Chanel popularized extravagant ropes of pearls in the 1920s; Audrey Hepburn epitomized 1960s beauty and modernity with her pearl choker in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Madonna was the ultimate pearl-draped Material Girl of the ’80s. Each new generation also puts its own twist on the trend, and today’s style leaders are mixing this classic, preppy gem with edgier pieces to create a unique, modern look, be it for street wear or red carpet glam. Guys are on board too. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and Pharrell have all been spotted sporting pearls.

Go Basic

If your style is understated, you can stick to simple pieces like classic pearl drop earrings, a single pearl ring or necklace, or a delicate headband. While these looks are must-haves for weddings, don’t feel limited to special events. A pearl ear cuff is dainty yet daring, and makes a great conversation-starter. Every day is a good day to break out your pearls.

Go Big

Bigger isn’t always better, but it’s certainly not bad in today’s pearl trend. Small pearls are perfect for daytime wear, but if you’ve got an evening affair, don’t be shy about pulling out your biggest, boldest beauties.

Go Bold

No one said you only have to wear pearls as jewelry. For those who can’t get enough, feel free to pearlize any part of your wardrobe. Pearls are popping up on halter tops and handbag straps. Pearl-embellished apparel, from t-shirts to miniskirts, are lighting up nightclubs and adding a delicate glow to daytime wear. Pearl strap wallets are the height of style. And gem lovers agree, pearls add an elegant touch to all accessories, from sunglasses to shoes. 

Make It Yours

The dominant trend of pearlcore is personal expression. You do you, which might mean combining a pearl strand with some of your other faves, be they silver, gold or other gemstones. If you’re feeling like your classic pearl necklace could use a smiley face or other charm, go for it. Mixing trends includes more than just accessories. Pearls and jeans or leather look great together. 

The biggest idea of all about pearlcore is to have fun with it. As the saying goes, the world is your oyster. Make it beautiful and enjoy!