By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

I am all about minimising pressure around exercise during holiday/vacation time. Instead I focus on movement e.g. walking as much as I can, visiting cool yoga spots (because that is fun for me) and I also focus on allowing my body to truly rest.

For me personally – I have a really great exercise routine back at home in Sydney. I am really active each week. When I travel, I relieve myself the pressure of NEEDING to exercise each day. Instead, I focus on incidental exercise such as walking to and from a destination, shopping around, exploring a city, and swimming in the pool or ocean.

Of course some days on vacation I wake up and crave a good workout – so then I’ll hit up the gym or a cool new yoga class nearby. What I’m saying is – I try to relieve myself of the pressure of having to workout. I listen to my body and exercise when my body wants to. I focus on keeping my body moving as much as possible.

I also always wake up and do 10 minutes of my own yoga practice to centre my mind and body – sometimes this is all I need.  I find exercise can really create stress for people on holiday and you guys know that I am such a fan of more rest and less stress for your healthiest body.

Many clients I meet find they lose weight on holiday even when they eating a little naughtier than usual and perhaps exercising less. It’s my opinion that this is because your body is resting more. Your cortisol levels decrease. Stress is the number one health killer and weight gainer in my opinion.

Pressure = stress. Relieve the pressure on your vacation this year – your body will love you for it.

My personal workout routine during travel:

– Walk to as many locations as possible

– Find out about the best yoga studios in that city and hit them up – same thing with a cool new gym class

– 10-20 minute self yoga practice – I love to do this in airports too