Torne Velk Photography

I was thinking the other afternoon about the people i have the opportunity of working with on a daily basis. Each individual model teaches me something about confidence, about being care free, about being yourself, about having individual character and being unique and most of all being proud. I think they bring out all these points in me just being around them.. as you are the company you keep.

To sit with them after, over coffee and be around their positive strong energy and their eagerness to travel and see the world. I think they inspire me more than i know.

About loving yourself and being accepting which is one of the biggest problems with women in society today and the fact that they know they aren’t perfect and thats part of the beauty.

They have a positive relationship not only with beauty but with themselves. I find some of the models i work with very daring and always trying something new and living very spontaneously.

For me to see such a unique beauty from each model from each shooting and to take something small from each of their personalities helps me grow as a person and i love the fact that each shoot i can learn such great points from them in the few hours we have together.
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