By Jessica Sepel

You had the best intentions at the start of the year, but maybe it’s not going quite as smoothly as you hoped. When it comes to keeping said resolutions, it requires a bit more than excitement. It’s one thing to come up a list of goals, but practicing them requires just that – practice. Continue on with a positive but realistic attitude and you’ll manifest 2015 to be your most rewarding year yet!


  • One thing at a time. Start small – you don’t need to try and do it all, especially in the first week. It’s overwhelming, and you’ll likely become so exhausted you lose your motivation. So scale back that list of 15 resolutions, or try to focus on one for the month of January, then add the second in February. Much more realistic to manage!
  • Don’t follow what your family and friends are doing. They mean well, and they very well might have great ideas. But that’s what works for them. Remember that what they need is different from what you need. What they like may be very different than what you like! Focus on your unique body and nourish it accordingly.
  • Practice gratitude and positive affirmations daily. The power of positive thinking is truly amazing. If you are thankful for what you do have and conscious about the things you’d like to come in to your life, magic happens!
  • Be kind to yourself. No, you may not be able to twist yourself into Crow Pose in your yoga class, but give yourself credit for trying. Love and appreciate yourself for all the amazing things you do, and know that even those things took some time and practice.
  • Believe in yourself. You are powerful and can live the life you have always wanted – no doubts! By only putting out positive thoughts, you’re proving to the universe that you are confident in your abilities and worth. Thinking that way takes practice, but what have you got to lose?
  • Remember – your body is your temple. It works hard to keep you alive and well. Now it’s time to love it back. Listen to its needs, then act accordingly. Your body will thank you by thriving!



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