By Pavlina Hatzopoulos

Even if the fashion of 2014 didn’t excite you, the girls and boys who were wearing it should. This year saw some defining moments in the modeling industry from body diversity to the rise of the Instagirl; so whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, models were making some serious waves in the year gone by. Read on for some of the finest model moments of 2014.

Queen Gemma Returned

All jaws were practically on the floor when Gemma Ward made a massive comeback opening for Prada SS15. Her agency, IMG, made a twitter statement saying the supermodel is back for good – #allhail

top model moments of 2014


The Runway Riot

Karl Lagerfeld, known for a bit of controversy, switched up a traditional runway finale for a fashionable feminist protest at the Chanel SS15 show. Although the protest received some criticism, it was one of the most talked about events of the year.

Top model moments of 2014


When Angels Flew To The Gym

#trainlikeanangel invaded Instagram in the lead up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. These girls work super hard for their toned little butts and rock hard abs and now we know exactly how. Scuse me while I put down my pizza and get my ass to the gym.

Top Model Moments of 2014


When Models Hijacked The Met Gala

The Met Gala is one the most important red carpets of the year, with only the most famous celebrities receiving an invite. But this year the tables were turned when models outshone well, pretty much everyone.

Top Model Moments of 2014


When One Fantasy Bra Just Wasn’t Enough….

Double the Fantasy Bra, double the sexiness. Victoria you’ve outdone yourself.

Top Model Moments of 2014


That Time Fashion Got Real

Lara Stones bared all for System Magazine, for one of the most intimate and beautiful editorials of the year, praised for its sense of reality that often gets lost in the fantasy of fashion.

Lara Stone system magazine


When Pirelli Went Plus

For the first time in its 42 year history, the Pirelli calendar has included a plus sized model, Candice Huffine. Candice was part of the stellar lineup of other supermodels and her size was not once mentioned in the process.

Plus Size Pirelli Calander 2014


When Models Showed Us How To Party

If anyone knows how to throw a party it’s Givenchy creative director, Ricardo Tisci, with his 40th birthday bash held in the party city of Ibiza. This was no ordinary party however, because everywhere you looked you saw a supermodel. From guests like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner, this was undoubtedly the coolest party of the year.

Givenchy Model Party


When #myCalvins Took Over Our Insta Feeds

If you have a phone and a beating heart then you would have seen almost every top model pose in their beloved Calvin Klein undies. It’s a bit of a glimpse into what models really look like when they’re just lounging around at home, and if you’re wondering, they’re still pretty hot.

Miranda Kerr #mycalvins


The Plus Side To Vogue

In yet another awesome editorial of the year, Vogue shouts “Give me a D! Give me an F!” and I shout “HELL FRICKEN YEAH”. Five of the most beautiful women, however not your typical sized 2, were featured in this un-retouched and incredibly raw story embracing all body types.

Vogue Plus size


When Reality TV Turned Haute Couture

These babies of famous parents have traded in the TV cameras for the catwalk. Girls like Kendall Jenner from the famous (infamous?) Kardashian family, and Gigi and Bella Hadid, daughter of Real Housewives Star Yolanda, have found massive success in the modelling industry this year.

Reality stars turned model


Myla – The Size 10 That Went All Around The World

This year, Calvin Klein started some discussion when they put relatively unknown model Myla Dalbesio into the spotlight, in their ‘Perfectly Fit’ campaign. However, she wasn’t exactly like the other supermodels featured in the underwear campaign, as Myla isn’t a straight sized model at a size 10. Fingers crossed this was the kick start to an awesome career for Myla.

Myla for Calvin Klein


Our Blank Space Saved Just For Sean     

2013’s highest paid male model Sean O’Pry featured in the Taylor Swift video for her latest hit ‘Blank Space’ and it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen all year. Just look at that face.

Sean o'pry blank space taylor swift


It’s a Brit Thing

She’s probably the newest supermodel on the block, and with 8.6 million Insta followers that’s none other than Cara Delevigne. She’s the ultimate Brit party girl, social media mogul with a flare for haute couture. You know that when people with zero interest in fashion and models know your name, then you must be something special.

Cara Delevigne brit model


The birth of AMFAM!

2015’s gonna be good!

All My Friends Are Models