By Calynn M. Lawrence

Are you someone who is looking to get their feet wet in the fashion industry? Well, if you are then you need to try these internships because you will not be sorry!


BP blog header
Nordstrom BP Fashion Board is an amazing opportunity for those in high school who are looking to really explore the work force in fashion and retail! This program is indeed beneficial as you can intern for all for years of high school and gain valuable experience, networking connections, skills and friends! Throughout this program, you will learn all aspects of fashion from merchandising to retail management to modeling to light design. Because you have the ability to do this program at such an early age and gain up to 4 years of work until your high school graduation, with the right steps you could land a career in fashion directly after high school.


red seventeen
For all those who are huge on writing and advertisement, this internship is certainly something that you need to consider. Seventeen magazine is one of the most high ranking youth magazines geared towards fashion across the globe. With this internship, you will learn the ins and outs of being a fashion journalist, editor and advertiser! You can experience that is very applicable to many areas of business and it is a great experience! All applicants must be able to work out of their New York office and receive the option for seasonal renewal.


London Internship Logo
The Fashion week Internships – London Program is best for those who are choosing to pursue a career geared in fashion design. Although the option is presented to work in areas such as Fashion Business and PR, this program is great for those seriously considering becoming a designer. The intern gets to travel abroad to London and work under some of the best designers to date. The only thing that is a draw back is the fact that there are fees associated with the internship. Although it is open to people of all back grounds, the starting price is around $1000 for a four week internship.


Logo Dream Careers
Dream Careers is a job placement and training service for those who are seeking advancement in creative fields of work! This is an awesome opportunity for those working in any artistic or unconvential field because their sole mission is to assure you a career, or at least the start of one, in any field that you choose. Thus, after you complete the training program and customized internship you are sent through a process where you are matched by one of their HR professionals into a job that fits you perfectly! They take the stress away from finding a job because they do it for you!
These are internships that are very great to look into. If you are considering starting your career in fashion, you best ought take a look at them.