By Calynn M. Lawrence
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The new trend in the creative industry is blogging! What used to be budding journalism interns trying to land the next editorial feature of a fashion magazine is now freelance artists who work from home to build their own brand, with or without traditional work experience or schooling. Some may feel that this is merely a phase, however, it is very apparent that in this new age blogging is the Internet’s answer to brick and mortar print magazines. This article is going to give you the inside scoop on the top fashion and beauty bloggers on the scene!


Carli Bybel is a beautiful brunette who has been on the social media scene for approximately four years to date. Beginning her career in the summer of 2011as an amateur YouTuber who practiced makeup in front of her web cam, she has now blown up her beauty empire to be worth over an estimated 2.3 million dollars, according to Social Blade. This is not surprising considering she has over 3 million followers on her Instagram account alone.

She has made a long list of social media collaborations throughout her time on the Internet and she is not stopping now for anybody! Some of her prize accomplishments include having a custom lash line in partnership with one of the top eye lash extension manufacturers, Velour Lash, entitled “Carli Lash.” Also, she has recently launched her very own makeup palette with BH Cosmetics, entitled “The Carli Bybel Palette.” This palette entails multiple face highlighters, face bronzers, both matte and shimmer eyeshadows and blush.

beauty blogger
beauty blogger


Michelle Phan is known as the pioneer of the social media beauty industry. Starting in 2009, she was someone who simply turned to creating YouTube tutorials as a hobby. Now, over 6 years later she has become one of the highest paid social media moguls of all time according to Forbes! With countless business ventures under her belt, she is surely not someone who you want to doubt because her business savvy is definitely not lacking.

Some of her most profitable endeavors actually stem outside of social media, however, she admits that her start as a beauty guru is what gave her the platform and fan base to grow her side projects. Some of these include that she is the founder of the beauty subscription service, Ipsy. From this she has grossed an estimated 84 million dollars alone, according to Google. She also has almost 10 million YouTube subscribers which brings in a crazy amount of advertisement revenue and she has her own beauty line ,“Em Michelle.” No wonder she is known as the one who set the bar for beauty and fashion gurus to follow!

michelle phan beauty blogger2
michelle phan beauty blogger


Nicole Guerriero is a biracial bombshell who has been enticing her fan base with her sassy satire for over 5 years now. Making her YouTube debut back in 2010 as a working girl with a power hungry ambition, she has managed to pull herself by her bootstraps and gross an estimated profit of over 2 million dollars within her time on social media. Although her makeup and hair tutorials are stellar, we know that the real reason we all love her is because of her hilarious personality that almost immediately grabs your attention and steals your heart! In addition to her YouTube career, she has her own skin care line, Best Damn Beauty, and her own line of press on manicures with Nailhur! She has come a very long way from her waitress past and she is certain to continue rising.

beauty blogger
beauty blogger

There you have it! These are some of your top fashion and beauty gurus of the moment. Obviously there are many more, however, these few did well to represent the genre in general!