By Calynn M. Lawrence

Have you ever wondered what cities would be best for you to shop in? Well, this article is going to give you the inside scoop on the 4 best cities for shopping!


Tokyo is known for many of its awesome products such as comic book characters, anime, technology and even some of the world’s most beautiful fashion models on the market! However, they were are also recognized for their phenomenal shopping scene! With Tokyo’s unique punk glam style, they offer tons of smll boutiques and large shops! In fact they, have one of the most diversified, unique and colorful shopping centers in the world!


New York has always been hailed as the fashion capitol of America, and rightfully so! They have produced some of the globe’s top fashion designers, fashion models and fashion critics due to their cut throat competitive atmosphere that is made to breed fashion moguls. Home to some of the top designer brands in existence, New York boasts a hefty shopping crowd and tourists galore trying to get a piece of the Big Apple style. The Upper East Side hosting lovely luxury  stores such as Tiffany’s and Barneys, Meanwhile places like Soho host fast fashion and hot trends.


In Moscow, fashion is showing out! It’s always better to be on your A game. For top of-the-range shopping, the Moscow GUM  is a beautiful mall selling every imaginable deluxe brand such as luxury brands and popular high-street houses and boutiques. The prices are indeed ba bit high but the arcade’s eye catching architecture, captivating culture and yummy restauarnts should be enough to please even the least amused.


Paris is the herolded fashion capitol of the earth! No wonder they hold the  flagship stores for some of the most royal fashion names in the world such as Chanel, Hermès, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton. In addition to stores such as that, Paris is known for their jaw dropping department stores, they are termed “Grands magasins”. They are often fluent in everything from clothing to household items. And, some of them are also fantastic pieces of architecture! Marvceling at their mere artistic aesthetic is more than enough for some tourists.

When choosing somewhere to travel, taking these into consideration would be great for you if you are a shopaholic! Each place has their own benefits but be sure to choose according to your best interest!