By Simi A Mira

Movies are a great way to escape from reality – to delve into a fantasy world for a couple of hours and abandon the stresses and tensions of reality. Another great reason for settling down with some popcorn and your PJs is to scope out some styling tips courtesy of Hollywood. Here are some of the top movie fashion inspirations that have enthused their audience with their amazing style.

1. Clueless5 most fashionable movies

Two decades later and Clueless still manages to inspire and impress with it’s high fashion and 90’s cool. From quirky tweeds to plaid, this film encapsulates what the 90’s had to offer for fashion. The colours were bold and the baggy jeans sported by the high school boys in the film were the epitome of 90’s California. More than just a fashion inspiration, this movie was a cult hit and is still referenced in popular culture today.

2. Dazed And Confused5 most fashionable movies

Set during 1970’s summer, Dazed & Confused is a massive offbeat hit – not everybody knows about it, but everybody knows the fashion. From the washed out printed t-shirts, the slogan sweatshirts that are an ever popular designer and high street favourite, Dazed & Confused summarizes retro cool. We implore you to watch this film and not want to go and buy some woven belts and acid wash jeans.

3. The Devil Wears Prada5 most fashionable movies

There couldn’t be a movie fashion inspiration list without this title on there. Bringing high fashion to a new generation, the Devil Wears Prada contrasted (and perhaps converted) the grunge-like fashion that was so popular upon it’s release. Teens were now aware of the beauty of a pair of Jimmy Choos and were in awe at the wonder of Chanel bags – all because of the wisdom of this film. The film even inspired subtle fashion changes, such as the in-Vogue style of glasses that were widespread before it’s release.

4. Black Swan5 most fashionable movies

This dark, artsy film was a smash hit with the creative movie goers as well as the avid flick fan. Maybe the sultry, mysterious fashion exuded from the film has something to do with that? From the elegant ballerina costumes to the subtle accessories that accompanied them – the style was graceful and memorable.

5. Pulp Fiction5 most fashionable movies

An iconic classic that many people cite as their favourite film of all time. Bursting with wearable fashion, nostalgia and and urge to be Uma Thurman, this film really should be on your “must watch” list if you haven’t already seen it. Cool cotton dresses, laid-back denim shirts, bang-on-tend bomber jackets and Uma Thurman’s well-fitting wardrobe, this film will have you hitting the rewind button.

And that concludes our Top 5 Most Fashionable Movies. From grunge to high fashion – who’s style will you be taking inspiration from?