By Simi Afroza Mira

When most of us see fashion models, whether in the pages of a glossy magazine, or maybe on a runway, we see a beautiful woman who exudes strength, power, poise, and beauty. We might even see them as calm, cool, and untouchable – not mere mortals; surely not – as we are. However, once in awhile, we get to see that models really are just human beings like the rest of us that make mistakes, mess up, or simply have a ridiculously embarrassing moment. And sometimes, the end result is funny as hell. After scouring the interwebs tirelessly, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Model Moments. Laugh. Go on, you know you want to.

1. Um, Have You Ever Worn High Heels Before?

And also, how are your ankles not broken?

Definite props though; I mean, you wobbled your way to the very end of the runway and back – your momma didn’t raise no quitter.

2. Sometimes It’s So Hard to Get Back Up Again

model mishaps This poor model doesn’t even appear to be trying to stand up. It’s as if the inner monologue in her head is saying “I give up guys, I’m done. I GIVE UP ON LIFE.”

Cheer up, Dear One. Things always get better. (Like your runway walk…after you practice it before your next show.)

3. Literally A Pretzel Model
model mishapsCould I get you with a side of cheese dipping sauce and a Diet Coke?

 4. A Cheeky Fall
model mishapsEven legendary supermodels like Naomi Campbell are not immune to a runway fall. But unlike many other runway models when falling, she doesn’t even appear to be trying to play it cool or hide the pain on her face. Can’t blame her though; those heels are killer. And also I REALLY HOPE SHE GOT MEDICAL ATTENTION.

 5. Ventriloquist Model
model mishapsAre you dead? Or just heavily burdened by this bizarre blue paint and ventriloquist theme thing you’ve got going on?

Dammit, this is not what she signed up for when she agreed to the job

6. Peeing Your Pants Is Sooooo In This Winter
model mishapsFrom the waist up: a perfectly poised, near-perfection model.

From the waist down: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN GUYS, BE NICE.

7. Didn’t See That One Coming

“A hole in the runway? That does not seem important AT ALL to fix. We’re good.”

Last words spoken by the guy in charge of maintenance for the runway show, before he was promptly beheaded. Only kidding. He was just fired. We hope that model spoke to her personal injury lawyer about this one.

8. Stank Face Model
model mishapsUgh, I’m only making $10,000 for this gig? I’ll give them my grossed-out face.

9. Playing It Cool Model
model mishapsI’m falling, but it’s all good. High-fives all around.

10. We Didn’t Want An Actual Human Being, We Wanted A Literal Toothpick
model mishapsSomeone’s a little handsy with the Photoshop software