One of the most frustrating things about living the model lifestyle is sometimes having to work twice as hard as others to get the same thing. This is because those that already have money don’t really have to work to get more. There’s no waiting for paychecks so you can buy from the latest collection – that collection is handed to you, from the designer. It’s like, if you already have nice things, it’s a lot easier to get nicer things. It’s the ultimate catch 22 of fame and money.

It’s not enough to be the most talented, or the most attractive, you basically have to be able to prove you don’t need money to get more money. How much sense does that even make? I mean, if you don’t need the money, why is it thrown at you so much the more you have it?

This includes both celebrities and models. Here’s how it goes; they work hard or are born into money, and buy the really nice things. It may be a car, or designer fashions, or jewelry… it doesn’t matter, but it is always ridiculously expensive.

Then, here is where it gets crazy. The next time they go to buy something super expensive they are told they don’t have to pay. Why not? It’s not like they don’t have enough money to pay for it! Yet designers and brands think that because that model or celebrity is already famous, they’d make money from the publicity.

Yeah, it makes sense why they might think that, but it’s still pretty lame because you’d think that they’d be willing to pay for their stuff or at least insist they are able to. Instead, the super rich start to expect to receive stuff for free. They might even get insulted when you ask them to pay for anything.

Isn’t that some shit? You’re rich and you refuse to pay for something. Yet, it seems to be how things go. Start with money, then refuse to spend any more of it. It sure does explain why celebrity teens have an easier time with starting a fashion career. They are already rich, so the designers are more than willing to send them free stuff, in exchange for a few photos, of course. Who wouldn’t do that if they any interest in the industry?

Meanwhile, the ‘regular’ people have to audition to wear their clothes and hope they get the opportunity to keep it. It’s probably the most frustrating part of working as a model, knowing the girl you are ‘working with’ doesn’t actually have to work. There you are, fighting for a spot so you can make money and buy nice things while the super rich and born celebrities have shit handed to them.